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White House Source: Trump Wiretap Was Ordered Because “Due Diligence”

I despise information only sourced with unnamed sources and not checked against anything or anyone else. A single unnamed source is useful for background information but never the lead. That being said, it’s information, it’s out there so it cannot be ignored, just caveated – this information is allegedly from a single anonymous source from the Obama White House.

The reporter on Fox News’ Watters’ World makes three important claims:

First, that the wiretap did happen which so far, FBI Director James Comey and former DNI James Clapper have not refuted.

Second is that the intelligence community was involved which DNI Clapper did deny.

Third, and most interesting, that “due diligence” was used as the legal test to push a FISA warrant where the stricter test of “probable cause” is the absolute minimum. Did the court allow a wiretap without probable cause or is this source in question?

Either we’ve got another Watergate or there’s no there there – impossible to tell with such shoddy sourcing.

Refuting named, publicly made comments by Comey and Clapper with a poorly-sourced and unconfirmed statement isn’t going to stand-up to scrutiny, but it’s out there, so here ya’ go – grain of salt and all that.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. This is THE Watergate of our time. Already Obama is guilty of many act of treasons (for somebody who wasn’t born in the USA and should never have been president), plus the anti Trump campaign he is orchestrating since January, with this wire-tapping scandal, it is time for the new administration to prosecute and finally get rid of this plague!

    1. That is a very radical and over-reactive statement. There is no proof of any treasonous act by President Obama, nor is he under suspicion except by right-wing conspiracy believers. The scandal of the wire tapping story is that Trump just made it up as a distraction to the Trump-Russia scandal, and some right-wing goons have seen fit to make up a story trying to justify Trump’s lies. The provenance of this ‘single unnamed source’ story is deeply questionable and it is almost certainly a false story.
      Your clear prejudice against President Obama is, however, unconstitutional, un-American, and ill advised. Honestly you folks need to get better at research and fact checking and stop believing every fake story you hear or read.

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