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What happens when you put 20,000 volts into a Watermelon?

What happens when you pump 20,000 joules into a watermelon?

After trying to blow up a watermelon with a smaller capacitor, Backyard Scientist Kevin Kohler brought in his friend Coyt with 4 capacitors rated at 20kv and 25uf each. The components came from a lab that used to them to simulate the effects of lightning on materials.

To rephrase the original question: So what would happen if a lightning bolt struck a watermelon!

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Duncan Idaho

Duncan is a science and technology reporter for CDN and serves as the lead geek correspondent. Follow him if you like rockets, mobile tech, video games or ... just about anything nerdy.

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  1. Love it guys. Renews my faith in young people. Reminds me of when I used to to discharge capacitors in class and give all my students a shock! I would probably get fired for doing those things these days, but times have changed!

  2. Golly, what a joy you must have been to you Mother while growing up….Oh, Wait,,,you haven’t! 🙂
    I admit I didn’t get it all…but loved it….I’m the kind that watches the Indy 500 for the wrecks….

    Wish our schools would teach more like this.

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