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To Liberals, White Students Don’t Deserve Equal Treatment

According to the LA Daily News, as published on March 28, 2017, the idiots in California’s Student Integration Services Office are threatening to take public school money from school districts in the state which have “too many” white students in the student body. This idiotic move even deprives education money to protected classes of abused students attending the “too-white” school, like females who may be attending the school while white, and would equally negatively impact any minority student attending the “too-white” school.

So now we have a state of affairs where whites are punished for their skin color, even as minorities are rewarded for their parentage. And of course the minority students of the “too-white” school will be able to blame the white students in the “too-white” school for losing the funds that would have otherwise come to them as underprivileged and mistreated students, if not for the large number of whites attending the school. This kind of racial politics only causes more racial friction and bad feelings among people who should be working together to resolve past injustices and seeking a bright future for all students, and one wonders if this artificial friction from liberals is intentional. How stupid can California get?

One also wonders if the liberal state authorities in California have given due consideration for the physically white students who personally self-identify as black or Hispanic, as being exempt from this foolish ruling.  And have officials considered the males in the white student body who imagine that they have menstrual periods to be allowed to self-identify as being LGBTQ converts and thereby avoid the monetary punishment due to their being a member of a protected bathroom class of citizens?

One guesses that the “too-white” school’s students have parents, black, Hispanic and white, who are also paying too-high real estate taxes and personal income taxes, and will these people sit back and take this racial abuse without uttering a word? All races are being abused by liberal Democrats for a situation beyond their control (their race), and this stupidity must be stopped.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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