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The Coming Events That Will Destroy America’s Liberal Judges And Legislators

President Trump has done his best to both fulfill a campaign promise and to legitimately protect America from a terrorist attack by issuing two executive orders intended to keep individuals from certain terrorist nations, as identified by the Obama administration, from entering the United States. Both executive orders were predictably blocked by liberal judges of the Ninth Circuit Court.

Similarly, liberal legislators, governors and mayors are in stark opposition to President Trump’s attempt to protect our southern border from invasion and to halt the sanctuary city idiocy that has allowed Mexican criminals to reside in numerous American cities and be sheltered from deportation and even shielded them from the most preliminary vetting.

So when the next terrorist attack occurs, and when the next American citizen living in or visiting San Francisco or Chicago is killed by an illegal alien, the Trump administration and our conservative press must be ready to launch savage attacks against the liberals who have allowed these threats to Americans to exist the last eight years.

Liberals are so ideologically stupid and so wrapped up in their pretense of being such good, compassionate people, that they are unable to recognize the dangers they pose to our nation. Nor are they able to see the damage that will be done to their own political power and influence when attackers strike. They create programs and issue policies that place us all in danger, and are then surprised when a bad actor attacks, at which time they begin pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves.

Liberalism is to blame for nearly every problem our nation faces, so we need to gather our resources and prepare to expose and eliminate this threat with withering verbal and written attacks when the next terrorist strike occurs. They’ve set themselves up, and now it’s time that we knocked them down.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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