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Ted Koppel Needs To Rethink What He Calls “Facts”

Recently Ted Koppel could be seen lecturing Sean Hannity about Hannity’s and Fox News’ “inaccurate and harmful” position on everything occurring in the world today, and he told Hannity that his opinion program on Fox was misguiding his listeners because his opinions were not factual and should not be spoken.

Does Mr. Koppel equate “facts” with the truth, because if he did make such an equation he would realize that Sean Hannity is more correct, and is right more of the time, than anyone on the liberal side of the aisle.

Does Mr. Koppel believe the “You can keep your plan… and your doctor… and you’ll save $2500 a year with Obamacare” was a true “fact” as stated by Barack Obama?

Does Mr. Koppel believe that Iran has indeed halted its development of a nuclear weapon, as Obama assured us?

Can Mr. Koppel show us any nation in the world where Liberalism has been successful at assuring full employment, better healthcare and a growing middle class for its citizens?

Can Mr. Koppel show us any nation in the world where unrestrained immigration has caused its population to be happier, made the nation wealthier and assured the assimilation of the incoming massive influx? Perhaps he could point to Germany or Sweden as a success story in this regard. And please be reminded, we want “facts” from Mr. Koppel, not his liberal, lying opinion.

Does Mr. Koppel believe that “lying news” from the liberal press is “true” news?

Does Mr. Koppel believe that a $20 trillion debt is good for America? We want just the “facts” now, not opinion.

Does Mr. Koppel believe that the treatment Bill and Hillary Clinton gave Monica Lewinski was the right way to treat women, even for a liberal Democrat President and the liberal Democrat First Lady?

Does Mr. Koppel believe that all lives matter, or only black lives?

Whatever Mr. Koppel thinks of Fox News and Sean Hannity, he will find the opinions expressed by these entities more truthful than anything coming from Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, and these three stooges are obviously Mr. Koppel’s source for “facts” in the current American moment.

Things that liberals believe and trust cause unemployment, welfare, police assassinations and decreasing national wealth. That’s a fact we’ve lived with during the eight years of Barack Obama, and the truth is staring Mr. Koppel right in the face, but he refuses to see it.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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