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“It’s Because Of Poverty And Racism”

It is well known, or at least it should be that a Liberals answer to everything is race. When a Liberal is backed into a corner, is confronted with the truth, doesn’t agree with you, or if you just have a different point of view than them, you are without a doubt a racist. Just look back to when Obama was first elected, the talk shows were full of deranged Liberals who said everyone who didn’t vote for Obama was a racist.

Now once again we have Liberals playing the race card for another absurd reason. It seems in New York City they are trying to do away with literacy tests for teachers. Why? You are not gonna believe this.

Kate Walsh, the president of National Council on Teacher Quality said the reason is due to poverty and racism. You can’t make this stuff up!

The reason for eliminating the test is due to the fact that whites predominantly pass the exam at 64 percent, while other minorities such as blacks and latinos, pass the test with a 46 percent and 41 percent success rate respectively. Could it be that they just don’t study for the test, or maybe they should have never graduated from college, maybe they shouldn’t be teachers in the first place. I don’t know about you, but if I had kids in school I would want their teachers to be able to pass a test that a 12th grader should be able to pass. Oh, and by the way, a practice test is available for $20 on the New York State Education Department website. What makes matters worse, the test is a multiple choice test, so the answer is right there on the sheet.

When I went to school in New York City in the 1950’s and 60’s New York was known for having the best schools in the country, so what happened? The one-word answer is Liberals. I would hate to have a kid who had to go to a New York City public school. If I lived there I would send my kid to private school, which is the only way a kid would get a decent education.

In 2013 I wrote an article “A Society Of Victims, We Can Thank Liberals for That Too” in it I wrote how Liberals were purposely trying to make victims out of minorities. Can’t pass a teat, it’s because of racism. Didn’t get that job, it’s because of racism. Didn’t get your promotion, it’s because of racism. Someone bumped into you, it’s because of racism. Liberals are giving minorities an easy way out, why? For votes, it doesn’t help minorities and it doesn’t help society. But you will never convince a Liberal of that because you need to have common sense for that.

This isn’t a question of what color your skin is. If you can’t pass a reading comprehension test, should you really be teaching students how to read?

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. There is no way to recover the ground that we have lost over the last 75 years, heck for that matter, over the last 35 years. More than half of the population is living in the bubble of near complete ignorance. As a nation we are destined for failure. I hope I am wrong, but having lived over seventy years while watching the politicians grope to govern convinces me that I am right. My greatest sorrow in life is siring two beautiful daughters and them three grandchildren. Through them I have enabled a floundering government of idiots and made slaves of my own offspring.

  2. Gosh ‘n golly Chris, let’s have what you really think 🙂 I just wish this ‘attitude’ was limited to NY. We have an elementary school that has had poor, need to improve ratings for the last six years…The solution? Why, close the school, of course….students will transfer to other schools in the area….Don’t worry about the ‘teachers’ they’ll have jobs in ‘other schools’ as well…….I’ve long maintained that teachers should be tested in their subject area simply because they can’t teach what they don’t know….(thanx, Liberal Professors that teach? them.) Seems to be one none ending concentric circle…aka ‘racism’

    How long can we continue with this ‘bliss’ of ignorance….?

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