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A Society Of Victims, We Can Thank Liberals for That Too

It seems today in our country, we have people who consider themselves victims of society. Not only do they consider themselves victims, but they also seem to want to prove to the world that they are indeed victims. There were two instances that happened to me the other day that started me thinking.

I was standing on the checkout line at Wal-Mart, the two girls in front of me were black, after they received their change they were walking away when they turned around and told the cashier they were given the wrong change. The cashier looked, said she was sorry and gave them the correct change, this happened many times to me, as well as to you I am sure. However, as the two girls walked away, I heard one say to the other, “she tried to gyp us because we were black.”

On the way home from Wal-Mart I stopped at the self-serve car wash to vacuum out my car, while there I heard another confrontation. It seems there was a black man in one of the bays about to change his oil, when the attendant walked over and told him that was not allowed, the man said “you are only telling me that because I am black.” At which point the attendant pointed to the wall with a big sign that said “Please do not change oil in the bays.” When the man continued to change his oil, the police were called, when the police made the man clean up and leave, the man said, “You wouldn’t be doing this to me if I were white.”

Because I witnessed the two instances one right after the other, it stuck in my mind. After thinking for a while, I thought to myself, the Liberals would be proud; after all, it is the liberals who pound these thoughts into the minds of all minorities. It happens to be a fact, that the only way the Democratic Party can survive is by trying to make victims out of as many people as they can and to persuade the masses that the government is the answer to all their problems. The more people the Democrats can put into all those social programs, the stronger the Democratic Party will grow.

Why don’t the Democrats see that they are hurting society, not helping it, by making people believe that they are all victims. The people who I talked about in this story are going to go their whole lives believing that when something happens to them that they do not like, it is only because of their color and they will use that as an excuse for the rest of their lives, instead of facing reality.

I have said many times that we are a society that is sinking, and it is all because of Liberal views and policies. The story I told is only one example of what is wrong with our society, although Liberals look at it as a positive instead of a negative. Then again, the things that are wrong with society they seem to champion, while the things that are right with society they want to tear down.

Who are the victims in America today, according to the Liberals? Any minority, illegal aliens, women, the middle class, people in prison, poor people, the handy-capped, the unemployed, the people who have a job but don’t make enough, people who have less than 3 televisions, you get where I am going with this? Liberals try to make victims out of everyone they can, just so they can secure their votes.

I said this many times before, look at the countries that were taken over by Socialist or Communist governments, they all tell the people they are victims, then blame another group for their misfortune, in other words class warfare, (Obama plays that game very well.) The Democratic Party was taken over by the Socialist Party years ago, they just will not admit it. Just remember, a Socialist by any other name is still a Socialist.

libThis is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Divide & Conquer..working at its best. “Victims” are often people searching for idenity & the Liberals seem over anxious to give them one, or two or three. WOW now they really are ‘somebody’…and elite Liberals can still retain ‘superiority’..gee, a win win situation..if..you’re one of these 2 “limited’ groupings. ‘Victims” are often the most UNinformed & migrate to the ‘strangers bearing the most gifts…This is not a world of ‘realitiy’ it is a world of what they WANT reality to be. ..I pray that Conservatives don’t fall into the trap of “buying” support, but teach & speak out loud the truths.

    DISCLAIMER: The use of ‘victims’ is meant only to apply in the political sense, NOT any other unjustly treated persons.

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