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Some Still Don’t Know the Difference between Legal and Illegal Migrants

I can still remember leftists’ reactions in 2015, when the Middle Eastern migrants started coming in large numbers into Europe: “They’re not terrorists!”, “They’re just fleeing war…”, “They’re not here to stay!”

I was very vocal about the negative impact some of these people would have over the Western world. Little did I know, however, that even though I was right about the things they did, many leftists would continue to support them. “Will trade racists for rapists”, one German lady activist wrote on her sign.

So here we are… almost two years later, and some still don’t know the difference between honest, legal migrants, who have to go through all the paperwork, find a job and be grateful for the country that offered him a better future, and those who commit crimes the second they step foot in their new country, who can barely speak English, an do nothing all day long. Not to mention the ones who commit hate crimes, humiliate others in public, stab or even shoot people.

Why is it so hard to distinguish the good from the bad, particularly when the difference is so striking? I thought long and hard about this anomaly in the way some people think. I knew I wasn’t going to like what I was going to find, but I had no choice: this “migrant issue” isn’t going to end anytime soon.

So here it is, here’s the thing that leftists truly believe in their hearts… that legal and illegal migrants are one and the same. That they should be treated equally. That they should all go where they please.

Oh, if only I could fit all the stats about migration into one article to show you how much evil many of these illegals have brought… Let me do something different. I want make it clear once and for all the difference between legal and illegal aliens. Show it to your family, your friends and anyone who’s in doubt about what should be done.

Growing up in a former communist Eastern European country, I know exactly what many migrants want when they think about leaving… and it’s not to become the next Steve Jobs, I’ll tell you that.

Let’s see what a typical illegal migrant has on his mind, growing up in a poor country, then sneaking into a rich one.

First of all, he’s used to corruption, he has friends or knows people who steal and scam people. He’s used to bribing anyone from doctors to state workers and policemen, because “everyone’s doing it”. His mom and dad probably beat him regularly as a kid. He went to go to school, but most of the time he ended up smoking and playing pool in a nearby bar, so he didn’t really learn anything, nor did he train his mind for mental effort. He thought school was useless and so did his peers.

He’s used to wearing sneakers and cheap sports clothes every day. He goes to places that have the cheapest beer and he eats fast food. A lot. So long as his stomach is always full, everything’s good.

He sees women as sex objects, he doesn’t really care how smart they are. In fact, he may believe they belong in the kitchen, or, even worse, to make babies and serve their husbands.

As years go by, his thinking shapes in a way that’s almost impossible to stop or even reverse. He may believe things like:

  • Being successful is a bad thing. Money is the root of all evil and anyone making more than $1,000 a month is a rich douchebag who got lucky. He thinks wealth should be spread equally to everyone. That’s why he goes to a rich country: to get it. There is no reciprocity. He never asks himself what he can give in return.
  • Science and technology are boring. He never liked them in school. In fact, he made fun of the geeks (I would know because I was one of them).
  • In fact, he can barely read. Even if he can do it, he doesn’t really understand what he just read. This is called functional illiteracy.
  • He doesn’t dream and he doesn’t have goals. Life is about getting by, whether that means collecting benefits, working menial jobs with no paperwork, selling stolen merchandise or even doing the stealing.

And when he does decide to migrate, he:

  • …does it illegally, because he knows he has no chance of getting a job. “Jobs are hard and I just want the money”, he thinks. So he may end up doing the same shady business he did back in his country of origin.
  • …ends up living in a poor, high-crime suburb in a tiny flat, and hang around with people who’re just like him: uneducated, low achievers and ignorant about most things in life.
  • … gets angry because he doesn’t fit in. In fact, he doesn’t learn anything from the locals’ way of life because he’s incapable of seeing things from different perspectives besides his own.

As time passes by he starts doing things like:

  • …starting dealing drugs instead of just consuming them,
  • …figuring out better ways to make more money,
  • …getting his entire family to come, despite not having the means to support them, because he’ll stop feeling lonely, and he’ll have brothers, cousins and even friends to help him “work”.
  • …maybe even doing something rash, in a moment of mental weakness (common in depressive, poor people): threatening someone with a knife or a gun, shooting someone, or rape one of those “fancy”, well-dressed ladies, to get his revenge on the society that rejected him.

Now, is this what all migrants are like? Absolutely not! That’s the point of the whole article: to distinguish between legals and illegals because it’s the best way to improve security, to decrease crime rate and, most of all, to make sure good people are given a fair and honest chance to thrive.

Let me show you what a good, decent, legal migrant looks like. He grew up in the same country and circumstances as the guy we just talked about, but he was different. He studied hard, even though he too realized the school system is inefficient. He never cared about money (because the rich in 2nd and 3rd) world countries are powerful, corrupt people, but he does like to help people to make others’ lives better.

He doesn’t really want to migrate, he’s too attached to his homeland and really believes his country can be great. Besides, he’s afraid he won’t fit into another country, or that he’s not going to be good enough.

He works 9 to 10 hours a day in order to support his family, maybe even has two jobs. He finally realizes he has to go, because this way of life isn’t getting him anywhere. He seizes the opportunity.

And when he finally arrives, he:

  • …sees opportunity everywhere. He’s more productive than most, there’s so many fields that need workers, the system actually works, people actually pay for performance.
  • …meets nice people. He was tired of seeing angry, sad and ill-intentioned people every single day. His new hometown is full of optimists and, although he feels lonely many times, he feels welcomed.
  • …understands the value of money in a working society. He now works only 8 hours a day and makes 4 times as much. He couldn’t be more grateful.
  • …becomes more and more ambitious. The fact that he feels lonely among strangers is no reason to feel bad, or to hold the locals accountable; he’s determined to speak the language like a native and make friends and partners. He’s determined to evolve.

Quite a big difference between the two migrants, right? Though we should mention that some illegals could turn out to be very good people, there are plenty of legals who are con the Government of social benefits, while others promote extreme religious beliefs. But one problem at a time.

Right now, We need to Ask Ourselves

If we could keep most illegals out, what would be the impact?

Among other things:

  • Crime rate would decrease, as it’s obvious for everyone that people who aren’t highly educated commit the most violent ones. This would mean less rape, less murder, less public humiliation, and I’m not talking just about absolute numbers, but also about percentages. The entire society would do better, legal migrants included.
  • Less social tension. If two large groups of people can’t get along, why mix them I the first place?
  • Some illegals would make efforts to get in legally. And here’s the sweet part: they’d have to learn the language, gain more work experience in their own countries before attempting to move and, as a result, become more educated.
  • Western countries would develop faster, which means they could help the rest of the world sooner. They wouldn’t have all this social unrest, tensions and so much money spent to deal with them. They’d mostly have good, honest, likeminded people, all working together for a brighter future.

If this were to happen, the World would truly be a meritocracy. People who deserve more would have more, while the rest would have to make a choice: to better themselves or to continue to live miserable lives.

Now, doesn’t this picture sound really, really well for everyone? As you can see, the moment we stop letting ourselves get blinded by false rhetoric is the moment we start seeing things for what they are… we begin to see good from bad, legals from illegals, and a bright future from one paved with rape, humiliation and death.

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