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Dan F. Sullivan is on a mission: to offer for free some of the best survival and preparedness info out there. There are too many reasons to prep and no reason to ignore it. (blog)

Some Still Don’t Know the Difference between Legal and Illegal Migrants

I can still remember leftists’ reactions in 2015, when the Middle Eastern migrants started coming in large numbers into Europe: “They’re not terrorists!”, “They’re just fleeing war…”, “They’re not here to stay!” I was very vocal about the negative impact some of these people would have over the Western world. Little did I know, however, that even though I was ...

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Why You Should Prep Under President Trump

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If you’re a prepper, you probably started to relax once Donald Trump won the election last fall. You probably thought that things are ok now, and that you don’t have to worry about safety anymore. There have been rumors about people quitting to prep as a result of Republicans winning, but is this a smart idea? As someone who’s been ...

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