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Classic Liberals of the Sixties Vs.Liberals of Today!!!


Protest against the rise in gasoline prices in Mexico
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JANUARY 9: People burn an effigy of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump during a protest against the rise in gasoline prices in Mexico City, Mexico on January 9, 2017. (Photo by Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)


I was  born in the forties, raised in the fifties in a conservative republican family  and my generation came to fruition sort of speak in the 60’s.  I was in college at the time when I first experienced liberalism. There was a lot of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but for the most part it was a fairly peaceful, but exciting time. At that time demonstrations were primarily against the Vietnam War and for women’s rights and civil rights led by Dr. Martin Luther King. There were massive demonstrations all over the U. S. but for the most part they were peaceful. Oh sure there were a few times things got out of hand with cops and the National Guard, but mostly they were just large gatherings promoting peace and harmony and colorful fashions and exciting  love and protest songs.  We opposed big government and a democrat president Lyndon Johnson and were all for power to the people much like today’s conservatives. We had our share of radicals like Abbie  Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Obama’s pal Bill Ayers who would stir things up from time to time. Jerry Rubin would later become a big stock broker on Wall Street. The biggest riots occurred during the 1968 democratic convention in Chicago when Hubert Humphrey was running and Nixon won the Republican nomination.

Over the years things changed.  Maybe it was because of Nixon’s Watergate scandal or something else, but I believe Today’s liberalism is truly a mental disorder as conservative radio host Michael Savage has said. Today’s liberalism  as commentator Ben Shapiro recently said increases the chances of violence – openly advocating for violence against non-violent people with dissenting political opinions is ideological fascism. There’s something ironic about the notion that assaulting someone for political viewpoint in a civilized society is anti-fascist activity.

Today’s liberals are a combination of communism, socialism and fascism .  They believe in total government control of their lives and that big government knows what’s best for you. Totally  opposite   from my generation’s view. They oppose anyone who thinks  different from them and riots escalate into destruction of personal property, smashing  windows, overturning cars and setting fires in the streets while saying they are for love and peace and oppose fascism which they accuse Trump of being. They are the very fascists themselves and don’t realize it. They don’t know what true fascism is and like cowards they are wear ISIS like masks over their faces.  If they are going to do that why don’t they just join ISIS then? They aren’t demonstrators so much as paid agitators and anarchists paid by George Soros to obtain his New World Order. They talk about being against hate while exhibiting the most vile hate imaginable. When you confront them about why this is happening noone can give you a straight answer. They also seem very ignorant of basic history and facts. While my generation were strong protestors and gave interesting debates, these radicals don’t want to listen to anybody and can’t give you a rational argument. In the 60’s if we had a speaker with an opposing view speak on campus,   they made sure to have another speaker soon thereafter from the other side either right or left and had interesting discussions afterwards. Not these rioting college students of today.

The most recent example is on the University of Calif. at Berkley. Berkley has always been a radical campus and the free speech movement began there in the 60’s. Today when Breitbart Editor  Milo  Yiannopoulous was scheduled to speak there instead of boycotting his speech if they didn’t agree with him, students went wild and smashed windows , set fires and shouted obscene epithets. One innocent girl was pepper sprayed by another student while giving an interview.  All this  just because they didn’t agree with him. I would like to remind these idiots that Milo is a gay immigrant and don’t they support gays and immigrants or a does by opposing him make them homophobes and xenophobes too like they accuse conservatives of being?

The same thing happened at NYU campus where conservative author  Gavin McInnes was scheduled to speak.  Tying to keep the violent, anti-free speech momentum from the UC Berkeley riot going, some New York University students and protesters on Thursday night resorted to what has become the standard “anti-fascist” form of “protest”: violence. The “protesters” assaulted conservative pundit Gavin McInnes with pepper spray and clashed with his supporters and eventually the police, who, like in Berkeley, were forced to step in before more people were hurt.

After the encounter with the anti-free speech losers, McInnes posted a message to his followers reassuring them that only his feelings were hurt. “Thanks for asking if I’m OK guys. I was sprayed with pepper spray but being called a Nazi burned way more,” he quipped.

McInnes was invited by the NYU Republicans to come and enjoy that most basic of constitutionally protected freedoms, free speech, on the campus. This was clearly a bridge too far for the fascist “Antifas,” who promptly offered him some pepper spray to the eyes as he was trying to make it into the building where he was scheduled to speak. WATCH: NYU Students, Protesters Get Violent With Gavin McInnes | Daily Wire They shouted epithets calling him Nazi scum while they are the true Nazi scum  and fascists.


I saw this interesting comment: Taylor Carroll    If they were all Islamists, we’d be listening to a barrage of warnings by politicians and news-reporters to be wary of Islamophobia, CAIR would be coming out telling us that discrimination made them commit these acts, we would be repeatedly told their actions were not representative of Islam, and told that the motivation cannot be determined. If Obama were still in office they might even get an invite to the Whitehouse. lol.

It’s only because conservatives are basically good people that these punks aren’t ending up in the emergency room or the morgue. They think it is acceptable to poke the bear. Woe unto them when the bear wakes up.


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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. I too was a student at Berkeley. I was there in 1969 and 1970. I just happened to live directly across from the so called People’s park. I viewed, up close and personal, the rioting and “protests” that lasted for a few months. Irrespective of what is said as to the reasons and cause for these riots, the actual truth is pretty basic. First of all, I was right in the middle of most of these activities and had a close up experience. These rioters gain their power, and courage, from being part of a mob. Most individually were like sheep and were docile followers. Not all were students, many were. Like mobs throughout history, they become emboldened and violent, believing the anonymity afforded them by being in a large group, affords them protection from prosecution and somehow justifies their violence. Individually, most of these same people are rather sheep like and mostly ineffective. Many are wearing masks. They came prepared knowing full well they would be engaging in unlawful activity. And so it goes with mobs. Their basic DNA never changes no matter what righteous political stance they represent. These people should NEVER be equated with the peaceful protests that we see at times, in Washington DC. and other places. Some of these large peaceful marches have even left the general area cleaner than when they arrived! They do not wear masks. They do not threaten. They do not use violence. Its easy to distinguish between a protest or march and a mob action. Mob actions almost always end in violence, property damage and injuries.
    An unintended consequence of the mob action at UC Berkeley last week involved who and what they were protesting and rioting against. Milo Yiannopoulos, not really that well know prior to this incident, was suddenly a household name, making numerous appearances in the media and on television. His audience grew exponentially as a result of this mob violence against him. I actually found him provocative and interesting and would have never been exposed to him if not for the mob in Berkeley. For that , I thank them!

    PS: I have read where the Israeli government has developed a water cannon that they use along their own border where riots/mobs occur. The water that is dispensed has an extremely offensive odor that people want noting to do with. I’m not sure if this would work in an urban area, but it is very effective in controlling mobs where it is used. Just a thought!

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