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A Country Without Liberals? If Only

Can you imagine what this country would be like without Liberal-Progressives? Can you imagine how great this country would be? Just think of a country without Obama, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Chris Matthews and so many others that are hell bent on turning us into a Socialist country.

Just think, we would be a country that wouldn’t have to worry about illegal immigrants, Muslim terrorists, businesses would be able to grow without the yoke of big government on their backs. We would have real free speech not the selective free speech that we have now. We would have colleges actually educating our kids instead of turning them into little Marxists. Oh, if only there was a place like that.

Well it seems that there is such a place, but it’s in Hungary.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says he is open to accepting refugees, but only those fleeing Liberal policies in Western Europe. Orban said at his annual state of the union address.  “Naturally, we will take in the real refugees,” “The panicked German, Dutch, French and Italian politicians and journalists, Christians forced to leave their countries will find here the Europe they lost at home.” Why didn’t he add America in his speech, after all most Americans are fed up with Liberalism as well, that’s why Donald Trump was elected.

All over the world people are rising up against these Liberal policies, especially their immigration policies. Country after country is finding out the devastation of an open door policy for refugees and other immigrants. Just look at Germany, France, Sweden, England and many other countries that had open door policies that are now learning what a mistake that was.

Angela Merkel of Germany and other heads of state in the European Union have seen their own populations rising up in protest against an influx of foreigners who have little regard for their laws and no desire to integrate with their cultures. Prime Minister Orban’s attitude toward Western liberal leaders and liberalism in general has also been clear. Last year, while other nations were still taking in large numbers of Islamic refugees, Orban was recruiting individuals willing to serve as border hunters to keep illegal immigrants out of the nation. He also has been an admirer of Donald Trump and his proposed immigration policies.

Let’s face it, Liberals have pretty much devastated every country they have touched, so having a country free of Liberals is a Godsend. But right now the nightmare of Liberalism will have to be with us, until maybe we can learn a lesson from Hungary.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Well, Chris, that’s a fine and noble idea….if boredom is your goal….The ‘informed’ Liberal generally still thinks that the old USA is the greatest place on earth….and adds to the discussions….On the other hand the ones claiming the label are also “Progressives” and want to change our Nation….So a day without the “Progressive Lib” is a good consideration…providing they take the ignorant idiots in Parrot feathers with them….
    Should ‘that’ day come, I hope to find a trickling brook, and sip aged JD while contemplating my naval…..

      1. Thanks for the link Chris. The example you provide is a great case in point. Justice will prevail and have its day with him, his ‘illegals’, and those types who arrogantly defy and break the law.

        Keep up your opinions and articles! Breath of fresh air indeed!

  2. Chris,
    I am not familiar with Hungary and their plight. Besides if I care about my livelihood then I should be focused of where I live and that is right here in the USA. For me the most important aspect of living here is first taking care of our own. If that means Nationalism and not Globalism then so be it. We must not discount or eradicate immigrants or free speech or any of the other freedoms our country was based on. All we have to do is stay true to the Constitution of the USA and follow the laws as laid down and everything else will or at least should fall in place. If not then we just need to tweak things. And if that includes Liberals then that is the right too. Sorry. I am not one for Socialism and it has no business here either but I am for Democracy….again what our country was founded upon. Make that happen and if we can all get along then I would be one happy camper and allowed to enjoy the freedom as well as the rest of those who live here. People need to work together and not work as individuals either. If animals can figure it out to survive then so should we!

  3. Ty. I think it would be a great world indeed. America is such nowadays I shamefully admit that I told my 13 year old that by the time his generation takes over me and their mother are leaving the country out of fear of what it will be like. The complete anarchy overshadows the hate crimes for having an ideal at all and crime will run rampant out of fear of being falsely accused of arrested some and getting sued. Government will shut down because of having ideas that dont pertain to anything except for breathing. If nothing is forced change you will be looking at a uniformal ideal that will blanket this country where if you say or believe in anything you are wrong and a monster. I am sorry but I would rather live in a country where they value your opinion and accept it and dont try to force their ideals on you and say yours are wrong. I hope you keep up the good work and make people see what is so obvious. And I appologize to anyone I may have offended with this post.

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