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The Ignorance of Hollywood Celebrities: Political Morons and Bullies!!


Once again, Hollywood celebrities have come together in their boundless ignorance and unbridled egotism to sabotage Trump’s political objectives. Last week, a gaggle of these entertainment industry Luddites released a public service announcement urging Americans and Congress to obstruct Trump’s legislative agenda and Cabinet appointments.

“We demand that you block nominees who threaten the rights of women, the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants and the poor,” the entertainers intoned in the video.

With all the gravity of a 1990s AIDS PSA, these utter boobs proceed to beg Americans and lawmakers to “vigorously oppose” Trump’s “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-environmental policies” despite no evidence whatsoever of these modalities being present in the president-elect’s agenda. Americans are Seeing Far-Left Celebrities for What They are: Enemies of the Re

I would like to confront these people who say the things about Trump and ask them how they know these things and what do they base it on and see their answers. I’m sure I could combat every one of them.

How is he racist when he hires more people from every race throughout the world? His cabinet is composed of men, women, Asians and blacks who are the finest minds in the country today while Hillary’s cabinet would have been all white people and a few women and yet unannounced black person for the Sec,of Environmental policies. Many of her chosen people were also corrupt like her. There are also many instances of Bill and Hillary using the ’n’ word for black people so she is really the racist not Trump.

How is he anti-Muslim and anti-semetic when he didn’t propose a permanent ban on Muslims or a “registry” of Muslims, He just wanted a temporary ban after all the attacks by radical Muslims in this country so we can see who is coming in here. Obama let thousands in here almost all men unvetted and we don’t know who is who or what they are planning. As I’ve mentioned many times before Jimmy Carter put a four year ban on Muslims during the Iran hostage crisis and no one batted an eyelash. Now we have numerous attacks on our soil by Muslims who want to see our country destroyed and everyone makes a fuss when Trump calls for a temporary ban. Trump is also a strong proponent of Isreal and Netanyahu while Obama hated Isreal and opposed them in favor of the Palestinians so Obama is the anti-semetic one not Trump.

They say Trump is sexist. How is he sexist when he hires more women than men and pays his women executives more than his men executives while Hillary hires more men than women and pays her male workers at the foundation more than her female workers. Just because he made a crude remark 11 years ago which amounted to typical guy talk doesn’t make him a sexist. Hilary is more sexist as far as that goes,

How is he against people of color when he hires lots of blacks, Asians and Mexicans and more blacks supported him than Romney.

These lib phonies are all for inclusiveness and want to get along as long as it goes their way. They say they are all for peace and love, but disagree with them and the hate and viciousness comes out tenfold.

Trump’s people are having trouble getting people to perform at his inauguration. As soon as he gets someone these leftist bullies put pressure on them not to perform. Such is the case with Andre Bocelli, a long time friend of Trump’s who was scheduled to perform until pressure was put on him not to perform.

Paul Anka, who I’ve always liked, is a longtime friend of Trump’s and was scheduled to perform and was going to do a special version of My Way for Trump. Now he is not performing saying he has conflicting schedule. Legendary crooner Paul Anka will not perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration after all, he confirmed on Friday. The 75-year-old musician was reportedly set to perform a customized version of his classic “My Way”—with lyrics altered to fit his long-time pal Trump—but he told TMZ he ultimately had to back out because of family commitments. “The president-elect is an old friend of mine for 50 years, there was a dialogue to do it, ‘My Way’ is his favorite song,” he said via video interview, “but… I’ve been in a custody battle for two years for my son Ethan, and we have a new schedule now and I’m unable to do it.” While he wouldn’t confirm that he supports Trump politically, he said, “I have a respect for the office of the presidency and an American, and… I was doing it in terms of what’s good for our country and respecting the presidency.” Paul Anka Not Performing Trump Inauguration – The Daily Beast

This sounds suspicious to me coming so close to the inauguration. It is only one day and a few hours at the most. Surely Paul could re-arrange things to fit his schedule especially since he’s known Trump for 50 years as he says. At least Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood are appearing . Toby Keith  and Lee Greenwood are real Americans that are willing to do the right thing. They make the rest of the so called celebrities look like the spoiled brats they are. I hope others will come forward to stand with the entertainers with character and dignity. Toby and Lee Lee  are great Americans for sure.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahkMA6JPOHU&feature=share (Who’s  laughing now? Best compilation yet of celebrities who said Trump would never be president. Check it out.)


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