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Obama’s “Finger In The Eye” Manner of Governance

Say what you will about Obama being a radical and hating America, all of which is true, by the way, but one can still not fail to make the observation that Barack Obama just likes to stick his finger in the eye of “the man”, which for eight years was the entire citizen population of the United States.

It goes without saying that the beneficiaries of Obama’s actions were always leftist groups interested in gaining control over blocks of Americans based on the identity politics that the left so loves. But some of the idiotic stuff Obama did was little more than just sticking his finger in the eye of the constitution and reversing the established ways that Americans do things.

The LGBT restroom thing was of course done to show the left that he loves them, but it was really done just to aggravate decent Democrat and Republican citizens across the nation and get people riled up at this finger-in-the-eye from our leftist president, because it did not accomplish much else.

But a more serious action that Obama took unnecessarily at the very end of his term in office, along with allowing the United Nations to condemn Israel for building homes for its citizens in its own country, was to give Israel’s sworn enemy, the terrorist-related Palestinian Authority, $221 million dollars just hours before leaving office. What a waste of tax-payer money, and what a waste of effort when Obama could have done something good for a change, because he could have chosen to end his term in office with dignity and on a high moral ground. But Obama had to descend to the gutter and take one more knock-out swing at our only ally in the Middle East, and take one more sucker punch at America.

It’s as though Obama is just a child doing little things to aggravate his parents, but many of the things he’s done, such as the nuke agreement with Iran, can lead to the deaths and suffering of millions of people. But Obama is such a small person that he gets great pleasure out of just poking and irritating, because he had just been completely humiliated with the vote of non-confidence when his intended successor, Hillary Clinton, was soundly defeated by Donald Trump on November 8th, and he just could not resist jabbing America one more time with a closing chapter in his promise to “fundamentally transform America” by giving a dedicated terrorist organization more killing money.

Thankfully America has a president in Donald Trump who has the energy, the integrity and the intellectual honesty and capacity to hurriedly reverse the anti-American policies and actions of Barack Obama. And getting a president with this high quality, after eight years of the trash and filth we formerly had in the White House, is, indeed, proof that there is a God in heaven.



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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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