Democrats On The Wrong Side Of History: Again


You have to wonder why the Democratic Party seems to always land on the wrong side of history.  With the election of Donald Trump it is obvious the country wanted something and someone different. But in a recent interview Nancy Pelosi said, “I don’t think people want a new direction, our values unify us and our values are about supporting America’s working families.” Pelosi has been brain dead for quite a while and this confirms it. As a Republican, I say keep going Pelosi.

Let’s take a look at the Democrats record and the times they were on the wrong side of history. It was the Democrats that were in favor of slavery and fought to keep it alive in the 1850’s. It was the Democrats who split the country in half when they seceded from the union. It was the Democrats who started the KKK and instituted Jim Crow laws throughout the South. How can we forget the Great War On Poverty, which after decades have seen more people in poverty with trillions of wasted dollars spent.

I was reading an article by John Hawkins, and he pretty much summed it up why I believe Dems will always windup on the wrong side of history. “Liberals dream of one day seeing all Americans permanently locked in the smothering, cradle-to-grave death grip of the nanny state. Nothing excites a liberal more than the idea of controlling where you go to school, regulating your work and play, deciding what type of health care you’re going to have and then deciding when you get to retire and how much money you have when you do. Even if you want to choose, you can’t. Even if you want to break free, you’re stuck. You’re not allowed to make different choices because liberals have made it illegal.”

That’s why Donald Trump won the election, while the Democrats were concentrating on giving illegal immigrants more and more benefits and protections, the American people were screaming “Hey what about us? ” While the Democrats were supporting Black Lives Matter while they were killing cops, the American people were shouting “We want law and order restored.” While the Democrats were pushing more government control, the American people were shouting,”Hey let me breathe.” While the Democrats were praising and protecting Muslims, while criticizing the Christian Religion, the American people were shouting “Hey what happened to freedom OF religion?” While the Democrats were pushing their P.C. culture the American people were shouting “Hey what happened to freedom of speech?”

With the election of Donald Trump the country was shouting “We want America back.” When Donald Trump enters the White House the first thing he must do to start Making America Great Again is to start repealing everything Obama has done while in office, that will be the beginning to making America great again.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. 

This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Is this article satire? You’re WRONG, plain and simple. Did you forget that your dastardly deeds by Democrats were done when they were conservatives???

    That this article could be published on a high traffic site and believed by so many readers is astonishing, and sad.

    1. Steve, I applaud your strong convictions and caring. It makes me curious as to what source you verified your information from, also what is your definition of “conservative”? In this day and age we need all the FACTS possible from solid sources to be credible and not rely on hear say or mainstream media., like you say, readers tend to believe most anything.

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