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Oh, How The Mighty Doth Tumble!

The lying, arrogant, law-breaking bastards in the Clinton campaign can no longer blame anyone but themselves for the exposure of their corrupt policies, actions and opinions with the release of an article by the Daily Mail containing information asserting that Russia absolutely did not provide the WikiLeaks documents that embarrassed and exposed the Clinton gang-of-thieves.

The article asserts, coming from the man who got the documents from his Clinton campaign source and gave it to WikiLeaks, that the information proving the corruption of the DNC and Clinton operatives came from a disgusted source within the Clinton campaign who had legal access to it and decided to let the public see the incriminating data in order to decide how to vote last November 8th, and the Russians had nothing to do with this release of documents, whether or not they hacked the Clinton or DNC servers.

The Russians are definitely not friends of the United States, but Obama’s attempts to blame Russia, and of course Donald Trump personally for being in collusion with Putin, for the release of documents that hung the Clinton bunch by their scrawny necks, is just another example of fake news: in other words, more liberal lies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Quote – It’s a very easy thing for Republicans to say; ‘Well, they’re bussing people in’. Well you know what? We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f_cking as_holes for 50 years and we’re not going to stop now. – end quote – Scott Foval. Foval is the head of the Foval Group and National field director of Americans United for Change. That group supplies so called shock troops to the DNC to disrupt and subvert the electoral process. He goes on to say; “It doesn’t matter what the frigging legal and ethics people say; we need to win this m_therf_cker”.

    From undercover video by Project Viratas.

    The illegal alien Cesar Vargas is an operative who helps illegal aliens to vote. He tells the Viratas reporter; “Yeah and for me, I totally get it, that this is illegal (being an illegal himself why WOULD he care); this is something that can be done.

    The Viratas reporter was posing as a democrat who wanted to help rig the election by donating.

    I’m going to say again; that even the irrelevant argument that Hillary won the popular vote is a SCURRILLOUS LIE. We know this to be true by this evidence – and so much more – because it is part and parcel to how socialist democrats operate and have operated for decades! But, to me at least, it is important to point out that the entire idea that most real Americans want to be lead by an ever more oppressive central government under the control of LIARS, THIEVES, TRAITORS, MURDERERS, CHRISTIAN-HATERS, FAGGOTS, CHILD TRAFFICERS, AND SATAN WORSHIPERS is consummately NOT!-TRUE!!!

    (NONE of that list is hearsay – it all comes from THEIR communications thru emails to each other.)

    So at the least; not only are we stupid voters and deplorables but now we are f_cking as_holes.

    In the 1930s the communist party would respond to any position that pointed out the reality of something opposed to their purpose with; while you may be correct according to reality, comrade, your point is not POLITICALLY CORRECT. To the communist, to the socialist, and to the mind of a criminal, their intentions and goals SUPERSEDE the TRUTH and the LAW. ANY means is justified by the END!

    Hillary clitton (the criminal bitch) attempted to STEAL the election – and the Truth is now crushing her – and her leash-holder George soros and co. There is Someone to thank for that; His name is the TRUTH and the King of kings!

  2. It’s great to be on top of the mountain, but we must remember that there’s som slick spots on the trail down….Chris Vaca posted “Now You know how we feel” here a week or so ago. And I, like many am totally enjoying this high….but remember that the behavior of the Left can be treacherous…and they don’t play fair…

    Has anyone on the Dem side taken responsibility for putting it ‘in writing’ or are they just blaming others?

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