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Hey Libs Now You Know How We Felt

With all the outrage from the left because of Donald Trumps election I have only one thing to say; now you know how we felt when Obama was elected. The big difference between the Left and the Right is that we didn’t riot, burn American flags, stop traffic, interfere with commerce, shout obscenities, threaten to kill anyone, beat up Obama supporters, cry about it, insist on having safe spaces with hot cocoa with marshmallows and dogs to pet, threaten to protest an inauguration, ask for recounts, be to upset to function, or commit suicide.

Obama was elected probably the most unqualified president that I can remember, never ran anything, never had to meet payroll, not to mention the most Liberal president ever, so far left he was right on the boarder of being a Socialist. We were just as upset as you nuts on the left were, only we said “Oh well we’ll live through it.”

Obama came into office and we on the Right hated it, just like you on the Left hated Trump being elected. We on the Right said how America could have elected this guy with no experience was beyond me. You on the Left complained how America could have elected a man who is unqualified, although he is a hell of a lot more qualified then Obama is even after 8 years in office.

My point to all you Lefties is this. Although you will never get it; we felt just as you do now, but we were more civil about it. You are showing what you truly are, a big bunch of cry babies, who, when you don’t get your way, throw tantrums like a 5 year old who does not get his way.

And for those of you who are afraid of a Trump presidency, I was just as afraid of a Hillary presidency.

My message to the Left Wing Nuts; GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON.

This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Chris, we all know the sting the left is feeling right now. The differences are true as you point out. But there is another difference that separates our hope from their despair.

    They believe lies. This is self evident. They think human nature is malleable and that under the care and guidance of naturally superior human beings the world can be turned into a man-made utopia. Imagine all the people living for today… they are a bunch of dreamers imbibed with THC and other follies of groundless “hope”! They fundamentally do not understand that just because you feel like “it” it must be true – is fantasy!.

    I love to tell them; if you think Truth is relative, find the tallest building around – really tall – so you will have plenty of time to relativizing the Truth about what is GOING to happen to you – shortly – when you step off the roof! Please. I mean it. Help yourself to proving how relative Truth is!

    As an Americanist I first subscribe to the reality that I cannot know that I am right or wrong unless I seek something greater than myself to know. That something is ultimately the TRUTH!
    Americanism is thus;

    All human beings are created equal (no human is more human or less human than any other human) – that there are NO natural superiors!

    Every human is bestowed with CERTAIN unalienable (un-a-lean-a-ble) Rights. That no lien of debt can be put against them because no human is superior to take ownership of the rights of any other human. Rights can be forfeited by violating the rights of another human being. Therefore it is NOT a right if it violates the rights of ANY OTHER HUMAN!!!

    No human being can grant any rights – only privileges. All any human being can do is PROTECT the rights already intrinsic to BEING human.

    Justice is the equality of the LAW to all human beings. You cannot favor any minority unless you favor the smallest minority of all – the minority of the individual.

    The law is the FORCE that gives power to the individual’s RIGHT to defend his life and his property and that is ALL that the law rightfully does. Governments are instituted among men to give the Law power to protect the individual. No Just law can take from any human being his life and his property unless he forfeits his rights by violating the rights of another human being.

    Governments are only just and righteous when they are given equal consent from ALL of the governed! There is NO OTHER purpose of government. Governments are made up of individuals. Therefore no government can justly violate the rights of an individual any more than another individual might. Anything other than the just purposes of rights, law, and government is legalized THEFT!

    The most important right of all it to possess property. Property includes material wealth, abstract wealth, ideas, thoughts, agreements, relationships, preferences, choices, our individual minds, beliefs, our very bodies, and souls and EVERY BREATH WE TAKE!

    The left believe NONE of that because human nature is fluid and evolving! Man can control man. o-t-l believes; “That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign”. He believes he is above the need to have experience because he is so naturally superior to the ordinary man and woman. Argument against that self ascribed certainty is irrelevant to him. And to the left in general. Hillary, the criminal-bitch, simply did what she had to do to promote herself as yet another natural superior. The END justifies the means. EVEN if not all of us want or agree to that end; after all, we are but ordinary. The left therefore ignores her infractions of the law as irrelevant to the purpose!

    There IS no “Reason of the Truth” with these kinds of persuasions. They VIOLATE our rights and JUSTICE demands their utter destruction!

    I am delighted at the childishness of the left. I want them to keep it up. They drive more and more of us to the TRUTH and they become more and more of a side show! Their deceit is as plainly upon their faces as their noses. Their plight is utterly HOPELESS because they oppose the TRUTH. You cannot have a lie without the Truth. Since the Truth will always be present in the face of the lie, the lie has no option but failure – sooner or later. The lie can NEVER destroy the Truth! To lie is an utterly futile endeavor. Destruction is its reward!

    If one thing is clear from this election it is that no amount of money and wealth can buy off the Truth!

  2. Chris, my observations may not be as prolific as some…..Still like you, and others, I do have an opinion or two or…..anyway, the left will never ‘get it’. When you are turned completely inside out it is almost impossible to see anything beyond one’s own self. That would include being unable to realize when you’re being ‘duped’….The uninformed and brainwashed only are capable of ‘parroting’ the program & many actually believe it was their own idea….tsk tsk

    Then I cannot overlook that for a large portion of “the Obama years” we had a feckless majority in both the House and Senate…(that were duly elected and RE-elected….)

    I just can’t forget that on National TV, Obama leaned back in his chair and told Senator McCain…”We won, you lost.”…..wish someone that has that sound byte would play it over and over.

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