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Washington DC License Plate Logo: “Taxation Without Representation”

The poor dears living in Washington DC are so mistreated. The entire surrounding region of Maryland and Virginia represent the most elite zip codes in America and boasts the highest incomes and lowest unemployment rates in the nation.

The “District”, which dictates to the rest of America what we must do, when we must do it, and how we must do it, has a lot of nerve belly-aching to the rest of us peons that they are mistreated and unrepresented in Congress.

One understands the principle their auto licenses complain about, but with the wealthiest center of over-paid bureaucrats and politicians in the nation concentrated in this small area, while unemployment and stagnant incomes are rampant in the rest of the nation, I think a more subtle way of letting off steam would be the polite thing to do. When the rest of us go to Washington DC, often carrying a grudge of one sort or another for high taxes, too many business regulations, too much government corruption, too many Democrat voters on welfare, borders that are wide open, terrorists that are being “contained” instead of defeated and buried, it rubs the wrong way to have these most-fortunate people among us sling their non-representation complaint at us from every DC automobile we drive behind.

Given that they have no voting congressional representatives but are still the wealthiest enclave in America, I’d hate to see the damage they could do with full representation and even more power in government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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