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Hillary Must Be Defeated, For The Sake Of The Constitution And Of Our Children

Liberal Democrats crow all the time about their imagined constitutional protections to do whatever they wish to do, but when it comes to actual rights enumerated in the constitution that they don’t particularly like, they take every opportunity to abuse those rights and deny them to the majority of the American population.

A very interesting article by Edward Erler, a professor at Hillsdale College, in that school’s publication of Imprimis for October, 2016, covers the subject of liberal Democrat tolerance and diversity (there is no tolerance nor diversity of thought, there is only an imposition of their will to open our borders to the world, as the foolhardy Europeans have done), and their respect for the constitutional protection of our liberties and the rights of American citizens (there is none of this in the hearts and minds of liberal Democrats, either).

Hillary and her leftist pals appear to only be “tolerant” of those who wish to kill Americans (Syrian “refugees” and Central American terrorists, whom liberals are allowing to enter the nation en masse) and condemn those Americans who want government to protect our nation, which protection also includes liberals who are too wrapped up in their extremist verbiage to realize the danger presented to them by their thoughtless acts and positions.

Professor Erler reviews Hillary Clinton’s “acceptance of refugees as an important reaffirmation of American’s commitment to diversity” and reminds us that Paul Ryan, the establishment Republican Speaker of the House, uses “the same phrase to explain his approval of the (Syrian) refugee program”. But Erler reminds us that these radical left attitudes of diversity “outweigh consideration of national security”, and we know the danger and daily crimes committed in European nations that have bowed to the false gods of diversity and tolerance and let in millions of these sworn enemies of freedom. And contrary to liberal sentiments, the constitution is silent on tolerance and diversity, and rather allows Americans achieve their own “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”, which assures tolerance and diversity without liberal invention or intervention.

The forces of America’s radical left, led by Hillary Clinton, are following Europe’s lead in the march toward chaos and bloodshed in a world where we are voluntarily surrounding ourselves with people who want to burn the constitution, which is also what American liberals want to do, and destroy our way of life.

Donald Trump wants to save these non-thinking liberal American fools from themselves, secure out borders, keep out asylum seekers who oppose our constitution and make America great again, and it’s about time that someone took these very sensible steps to assure the futures of our children and grandchildren. Hillary expends much energy talking about national security and the creation of middle class jobs, but all of her positions assure the exact opposite for future generations.

Vote Trump!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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