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Hillary And Her Make-Nice Concession Speech

Hillary gave a great concession speech on Wednesday following her loss to Donald Trump, but before we get too teary-eyed about how gracious she was and how pleasantly she speaks to her former opponent, one must remember that Hillary was personally responsible for the plotting and the hiring of vicious thugs to beat Trump supporters and cause riots at Trump rallies and more than likely she had a hand in the fire-bombing of a Trump campaign office in North Carolina, so she has much violence and potential human injury to answer for during the just-ended presidential campaign.

Remember also that the continued investigations of her national security violations and her use of an illegal and unsecure email server is in the hands of the next president of the United States, and that person is Donald Trump, so she is only serving her own self-interest by making nice with Trump.

We must not allow Hillary to slip through the fingers of justice. She has caused America much unknown harm via her national security violations and has endangered the lives of many Trump supporters with her campaign violence. Her DNC thugs repeatedly accused Trump and his supporters of being violent, but we have learned from the Project Veritas tapes that she and her DNC staff and their hired goons were the only cause of violence. No violence came from the Trump side.

This unacceptable conduct must be investigated and the responsible parties punished. Don’t think for a moment that the Democrats wouldn’t put Trump in jail, and by inference condemn all Republicans and conservatives as criminals to be shunned forever, if Hillary Clinton were president and she had the power to investigate and possibly prosecute him. Hard-ball, never give an inch, never leave an opponent standing, politics is what Democrats do.

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