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Going From Bad To Worse Under Obama

Not only do Democrats continue to riot in opposition to Trump winning the presidency; not only does Chicago continue to see more violence and deaths; not only does Chicago and other Democrat cities pledge to violate the law and remain sanctuary cities; not only do a bunch of rude, ignorant, intolerant actors on Broadway lecture VP-Elect Pence; not only does Obama travel the world warning all nations about the dangerous upcoming presidency of Donald Trump; not only do our borders continue to be trampled by illegals flooding into America; not only does the Democrat president who kissed Putin’s butt and begged for more time to satisfy Putin’s demands on America, lecture Trump in front of the world for not being tough enough to stand up to Putin; but now we have a new wave of police officer assassinations, and our fool president and his cohorts Biden, Hillary and Pelosi, will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to try to stop any of this idiocy from the Democrat/liberal/progressive wing of the stupid party.

How the Obama administration thinks they are exercising any responsibility at all with our nation being torn apart by their riot-and-burn voters is beyond comprehension. These people are just plain criminals with the things they do, and the things they refuse to do.

The pleasant, refreshing, common sense of Donald Trump and his proven-to-work policies will enlighten the Democrats who have been brainwashed by the Obama administration with their lies and divisive tactics. The comparison of Donald over Barry will awaken the sleeping leftist mass of Americans and they’ll be converted to Making America Great Again.

However, one must not mislead oneself, because the far left radicals will always be with us. But with the Presidency of Donald Trump they’ll fade into the background, and probably even the liberal press will stop reporting every outrage they commit. Out of sight and out of mind, they’ll become irrelevant.

Obama and his liberal/progressive pals used the tactic of divide and conquer against our now-divided nation for over eight years. But now Donald Trump and his courage to speak plainly and directly to the American people has caused a division that Obama never thought of: he has radically divided the Democrat party, hopefully permanently, with his miraculous defeat of Hillary.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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