Congratulations, America, For Electing President Trump. Now Our Nation Can Heal And Re-Build Itself Back To Greatness.

Yesterday Americans, peacefully and decisively, shook off the Obama/Hillary yoke of subservience and opened the path for America to unify and rebuild itself and achieve its once and future greatness. The corruption, lying, partisanship, election and opinion rigging and unconstitutional behavior of the last eight years was voted down, and I trust that the Trump administration will, indeed, Make America Great Again.

Given the nature of the Obama administration, we can expect our petulant President Obama, in order to show what a small man he is and to stick a finger in the eye of all Americans who voted his policies and his designated successor down, to issue some dramatic and injurious executive orders, will encourage the EPA to issue more mountains of job-killing regulations, will open our borders further to illegal incomers and will halt all deportations of those who entered our nation illegally, will import more Syrian Muslims (but no Syrian Christians) and will issue more lies from the podium of how racist, sexist and homophobic Donald Trump is as the end nears for his authoritarian, Democrat rule.

But no matter how much additional damage is done to America in the last two months of the Obama administration (after all, Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”, and the negative results we see in our daily lives are the “transformation” he promised: because, after all, destruction and deprivation of freedom and liberty is what liberal/Democrat/progressives do) it can all be corrected and made right again when the Trump administration takes over in January, 2017.

Donald Trump seems to be an honest, hard-working man who overcame impossible odds with his anti-establishment presidential campaign and won decisively, without even his own party’s full and willing support for his candidacy.

And to those Democrat/liberals who are fleeing the country now that Trump has been elected, I bid you farewell. But I wonder why so many of you seek to immigrate to Canada (reports are that the Canadian immigration web site has crashed because of all of the panicking American liberals who seek information to leave America and go there) when the paradise of Mexico is just sitting there waiting for your arrival. But that’s the way hypocrites behave. At any rate, Adios, muchachos! And don’t come back.

Now let’s all of us patriots express our support for President Trump and let him do what he does best, and Make America Great Again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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