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Where in the World is Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman – asylum, hiding or dead?

Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman is missing and rumors are surfacing that he may be hiding from the Clinton death machine due to a recent WikiLeaked email.

Recent questions surround Braverman’s sudden disappearance:

The story is unconfirmed, but also eerily missing is a rebuke by Braverman himself. With the level of sunlight cast upon his being missing, a simple “here I am” could quiet the waters – but there has been none., a waaaaaay left-leaning “fact-checking” website, immediately called the Braverman asylum story “FALSE,” but with no proof (yeah, go figure.)

Snopes’ ‘debunked’ the story because one of the many news outlets reporting it was a conspiracy site. Snopes did not produce proof that Eric is not at the Russian Embassy in New York City or that Braverman isn’t hiding or even that they have proof that the former CEO of the Clinton foundation is healthy.

On 24 October 2016, the conspiracy-mongering web site published an articlereporting that former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman had sought asylum in Russia for reasons presumably related to knowledge he gained working for that charitable organization (purportedly supportedby an e-mail WikiLeaks released in October 2016):

Where is the comment from the Russian Embassy flatly denying that Eric is on the grounds or has requested asylum?

Where is the in-person interview where Eric says “this is all a misunderstanding, I was in Tahiti on vacation?”

So the question remains, where in the world is Eric Braverman?

While failed to entirely kill the missing Braverman story, it’s also true that the story lacks any confirmation. The Russians aren’t saying that Eric’s with them, and there is no one telling us exactly where he is.

What’s left is, why would he hide or otherwise get hidden? First, some background:

Braverman had been put in place as CEO by Chelsea Clinton among concerns of rampant ethical issues within the foundation.

Eric was pushed out of the Clinton foundation as long-time Clinton loyalists found his anti-corruption changes to be unappealing, unrewarding, and unwanted.

Next – the motive:

First, Joe Scarborough tweets a National Journal article that reveals how to reveal the corruption inside the Clinton Foundation.

Then, the Clinton campaign starts a witch hunt for a mole that Podesta ultimately identifies as the now missing Mr. Braverman:

Neera Tanden warns John Podesta to “keep tabs on Doug Band” who she assumed was the insider who told NBC to “follow the money and find the real HRC scandal.”  Interestingly, John Podesta writes back quickly to identify the real source as former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman which seems to be shocking to Tanden who replies simply, “Holy Moses.”

So the supposed motive is that his being a mole was exposed on WikiLeaks and fearing death or some other disagreeable outcome, he chose to run, hide, seek asylum or … something.

So that leads back to the original question – Where is Eric Braverman?

Eric wasn’t a prolific user of Twitter, so the fact that his last tweet was on October 12th is of little note, but a fact none-the-less.

Braverman’s Facebook account is almost empty so that’s not much of an indicator either.

So all that are left are questions:

  • Why hasn’t Eric spoken up, shown up or otherwise notified anyone that he is ok?
  • Why hasn’t his family spoken up – don’t they know where he is?
  • Why isn’t there a confirmation or denial from the Russian embassy? Lack of either raises more questions than it answers.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. It seems that Google search engine has filtered out this article when searching “Eric Braverman”. I can only find this article via Bing.

    1. The Snopes article is not credible. Also the author attacks her own credibility in her bio at bottom of the page. That does not automatically mean Braverman is missing or in Russia etc, it just means Snopes did a very sloppy job confined to just “shooting the messenger”. I concur with Fallcould, Google is filtering “where is eric graverman”. It is 6 days later, why has he not surfaced?

  2. I had to read a russian news outlet “whatdoesitmean” to find out about this.

    State run medias are difficult in a “democracy/republic” since they are supposed to protect us
    from criminals, but now do just the opposite.

  3. i just saw a link to an article, i guess summarizing the WhatDoesItMean article (i did not know it was a Russian outlet). The source where i saw the (detailed) article is called PMNightlyNews. i saw the headline posted on Facebook, clicked on the link wondering about the reliability of the source. I’m not familiar with the source. I read the article. They say “It is reported that…” and then the summarize (i assume) the original article. Any source that says “it is reported that,” without saying who it is that reported it, loses credibility with me, not that their content is wrong, but that they conspicuously neglected to say where they heard the report, leaving me dependent on them and i don’t know who they are. The mainstream media does this all the time.

    After reading the article, i googled Eric Braverman, the article had said he wasn’t replying to attempts to contact him in various media. I saw his twitterfeed, i see that his name has a retweet on 10/12, one in June, one in August, one in April. Beginning back in April and before, he was retweeting much more often. No way of knowing if it’s him retweeting.

    Other than that, i’m still going through the Google hits, this was one of them. Snopes said the claim is false. Then they went on to criticize the source, whatdoesitmean, mostly by implication, it wasn’t an informative critique, they said whatdoesitmean is a “conspiracy site” or something like that, they repeated this characterization several times, as if this in itself proves the reported information to be “False.” I kept thinking they would give evidence that Braverman is in a known location, current evidence showing it’s false that he’s in Russia or under any kind of threat, evidence that his whereabouts are known. they didn’t even address that. So, they were not credible. I hope he’s OK.

    1. That is a real possibility. I asked the Russian Embassy in NYC for comment on the matter and they have not yet responded. I don’t think Eric would have run to them and if he had, his information isn’t valuable to them, unlike Snowden.

      If the FBI had the tens of thousands of emails from Huma/Weiner’s devices, perhaps they had pulled him from public view for his own safety. You ask an excellent question, but not one my press credentials will get an answer to.

      The U.S. Marshalls office will never comment on a witness under their protection.

  4. He’s listed on radaris.c0m. Middle name S (Scott). Phone numbers and addresses in NY and CT. Currently a Yale lecturer. Journalists might want to contact him.

  5. If is way left then I’m proud to say your capability to comprehend much of anything concerning political reality, or the actually existing current temperament of the working class, given the horror that the conservative movement has implemented, which is the destruction of civil society’s world wide through the neoliberal globalists agenda, I’m proud to say poopies to you.

  6. Snopes was started by some DNC heavy hitters. They are gatekeepers. Why would i even give them the time of day?

    1. I am Sorry it took me so long to reply. It’s election season so there is a lot going on. That phone number is his Clinton Foundation office number which, for obvious reasons, doesn’t actually lead to him. I appreciate you posting this, but we had tried his office number, Dmd him on Twitter, tried to link-up with him on LinkedIn and contacted the Russian Embassy. We are not done trying to locate Eric, but we’re still unable to answer the most important question: “Where in the world is Eric Braverman?”

  7. Why hasn’t anyone tried to contact eric bravermans life partner Neil Brown? ( son of Anita M.Brown and Darrell D. Brown the 2nd) or Eric Bravermans parents Cindi Hasit, mother in Cherry hill New jersey and father Stanley M. Braverman of New York?

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