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Ohh!!!Their Virgin Ears!!!


Let me get his straight!! So some people who work for the TV show Access Hollywood go through their  files looking for interviews with Donald Trump and come across this tape from 11 years ago with him speaking roughly about women, particularly a correspondent  named Nancy O’Dell and the media goes wild.  Doesn’t it strike anyone as suspicious that this tape was released on the exact same day Wiki-leaks leaked the e-mails damaging to Hillary?

Now all these senators are withdrawing their support for Donald and everyone even in Hollywood where talk like this goes on all the time in movies and behind the scenes are acting like they have virgin ears.”OOHHH my virgin ears”  “I’ve never heard such language OOOHHHHH” Poor babies!! Give me a freaking break. What fakes, phonies and frauds!!!

Now all these senators and others are withdrawing support from Trump. You mean to tell me they’re so virginal and never talked like this? Hypocrits. Trump just talked about it Hillary and Bill actually did it. Bill raped and abused women and Hillary enabled him and went after and threatened the women he abused. He was kicked out of Oxford for raping a woman. When Hillary was a lawyer she got a pedophile off who raped a 12 year old girl and then she laughed about it.

I’ve always said as the late great talk show host Bob Grant said, “Republicans can learn a thing or two from their dem counterparts. If a democrat does something low down, dirty, scummy and mean, no matter how low their constituents will stick by them. Republicans will turn away from their guy” which is what they are doing here with Trump.

Now that Nancy O’Dell woman he was talking about in the video  who works for Access Hollywood is saying she can’t believe people still talk like that. What planet is she living on? Oh that’s right she’s in a Hollyweird bubble.

I agree with Trump here: Trump then called the controversy a ‘distraction’, before pivoting into an attack on Hillary and Bill Clinton. ‘Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims,’ he said. The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly – I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN”

At least Trump apologized and I think he sincerely means it. That’s more than Hillary ever did. She never apologized for anything in her entire life.  That  was 11 years ago. People change in that time and I’m sure Trump has too. Even Scrooge changed in one night. If all these people who are so repulsed by Trump’s comments 11 years ago and say that women should be revered then listen to what his wife Melania says and move on “He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world,’ the statement said.

And to you Hollywood people like Robert DeNiro and others who said they would like to punch Trump in the nose, stop making movies where women are abused and tortured and to you rappers stop making songs calling women “Ho’s” and “bitches ”before  you complain about Trump.

Trump attempts to cast hot mic issue aside with a joke on Twitter |

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. LISTEN to Hillary’s “hot mic” moment, laughing about getting a Pedophile off here: https://freebeacon.com/politics/audio-hillary-clinton-speaks-of-defense-of-child-rapist-in-newly-unearthed-tapes/

    HillBill’s words & actions since 70s aren’t bothersome. MrT makes lewd remarks 11YEARS ago & OMG, I’m hyperventilating, my knees are buckling & I think I’m gonna poop when I faint!! Where’s my Safe Space?!? How will my bruised feelings ever recover? That’s it – I’m changing my vote to the Angel.

    The fake gasps & mock outrage makes me wanna vomit as forcefully as Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’

    Have you heard the one about the Most Powerful Man on Earth who used his Oral Orifice to ask a young woman, 3yrs outta teenage status, to disrobe, lie back on a desk, & simulate a sex act by repeatedly shoving a cigar into her Oval Orifice, in a locked Oval Office, so that he, Sick Willy, could Drop Trou & watch, while polishing his Slick Willy, til he reached that volcanic moment when Bubba’s Special Elmers-Glue-Juice spewed all over this young woman & her lovely Blue Dress?

    Way cool right? Why not let him move back into the place & let him try his luck with the newbees?

    We can do that by Super-Hyping remarks made by MrT 11yrs ago & pretend our hair is on fire & our faces are melting off with offendedness, while plugging our ears when HC calls Bernie fans & millennials a ‘Bucket of Losers’ to Goldman Sachs, & calls Trump ppl ‘Deplorables’ (Support HC & you’re a ‘Lovable’)
    We can also ignore HRC’s “hot mic’ moments like laughing about getting a PEDOPHILE off.

    BTW, this “BOMBSHELL NEWS STORY” happened so long ago that:
    – Twitter Didn’t Even Exist at the time
    – Youtube Had Only begun 8 mo prior
    – Facebook had only begun 18mo prior
    – Hurricane Katrina – Slammed The Gulf
    – Fox News Celebrated Only It’s 9th Year
    – Saddam Hussein – Stood Trial In Bagdad
    – The “Colbert Report” aired for the 1st time
    – HuffingtonPost Went Online for the 1st time
    – Maroon5 won for the Best New Artist of year
    – George Bush Was The President Of The U.S.
    – The 1st Apple iPhone was still in development
    – Condi Rice 1st Afro-American woman SecState
    – NYFreedomtower design was formally approved
    – National Debt- $7.9Trillion, now nearly $20Trillion
    – M.Jackson stood trial 4 molestation of 13y old boy
    – MarkFelt was revealed as Watergate “Deep Throat”
    – Angela Merkel voted 1st female Leader of Germany

    Re respect for women, how many of them has HRC threatened, bullied, & defamed because
    of her husband’s ACTUAL ACTIONS – NOT WORDS – AGAINST WOMEN? That bothersome?
    In Libya, HC’s negligence caused the DEATHS OF FOUR AMERICANS. Is THAT bothersome?
    White House Spokesman Tommy Vietor told a News Anchor, “Dude! That was like 2 years ago!”

  2. I rarely, almost never, watch any TV news programs but I did see a clip that was CNN and the female anchor went off on a female Trump supporter.
    Since there are never ending clips out there I would like to see someone search these same anchors who express outrage and find what they have or had said about the book “Fifty shades of grey”. From what I gather it is purely pornographic. I have heard local female liberal anchors really praise that book. If they can heap praise on such a book how can they now condemn what a person says. It would make for a great video if someone has the time to put it together.

  3. WOW…I never realized there were so many prudish puritans in Washington….actually, I’ve not seen such dishonest posturing & feigned ‘indignation from any group of people….These holier than thou must have never ever been in a locker room, poker night, smokers and any other venue where ‘pissing contest’ routinely take place….ARE THEY AFRAID of losing re-election…or their WIVES ????

    Ladies (I use the term guardedly) When you’ve worked to lose 10 lbs and can put on the skin tight pants and are ‘lookin’ good” is that just for yourself or do you like it when you attract men’s attention walking down the street? Be honest! If it was (for your hubby) you’d stay home in sexy lingerie with scented candles……Admit it, many hen parties have some ‘in depth’ conversations about six pack abs etc.

    When you are reduced to gutter talk as opposed to the issue that have our Nation in crisis mode….it indicates that either you are self absorbed and not paying attention or….don’t give a damn.\

    Remember it was Trump’s disregard of political correctness and barroom approach that was his first attraction….

    So you don’t like Trump….let me ask this…..DO YOU DISLIKE TRUMP MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY and all of its FREEDOMS???

    Elections are won by numbers and no votes don’t count nor excuse

    nice work Jim

  4. Here is my crude take. The word F%@k, then the middle name of the Liberal person but woe is me to use the nickname of a cat. What World are we living in?

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