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Liberals Are “Nuancing” Our Nation Directly To Hell

Recently Ash Carter, Obama’s current Secretary of Defense, said that the recent demand of the Pentagon that soldiers return the money they received 10 years ago as a re-enlistment bonus to remain in the service and help fight the nation’s two wars, was a “complicated” issue. With all due respect to Mr. Carter, there is no complication at all. It’s perfectly clear that the Obama administration is a bunch of anti-American, military-hating liberals. The issue is that under Obama’s ant-American leadership, soldiers get no respect, their war injuries go untreated and attempts are made to destroy them financially.

This idiotic statement of Mr. Carter reminds one of John Kerry and his constant, nuanced, flip-flopping. He voted for the money to invade Afghanistan before he voted against it. The U.S. was for slavery before we were against it.

In the world of big-government, nuanced positions replace what is normally called ambiguity, indecision and fence-sitting. Nuance is the same as Mr. Carter’s complexity, and the fools who practice this elitist way of doing whatever they want to do and hurting whomever they want to hurt, is what is destroying America.

Obama’s Pentagon is financially damaging the very people they offered money to 10 years ago to stay in the service and help fight a war. It’s true that Obama was not president 10 years ago, so it must be that he is trying to make George Bush look bad by attacking the soldiers that helped fight Bush’s wars. Mr. Obama forgets that he has been leading a warring nation longer than George Bush, and his nuanced indecisions have lost Iraq and allowed ISIS to become a dangerous and murderous force in the Middle East.

It’s sickening to watch liberal, elitist politicians muck up everything they touch and then lie about it. Borrowing from the words of Barack Obama when he lyingly promised that under Obamacare Americans would be able to keep their existing plan if they wanted it and that they would save $2500 a year on healthcare costs:

The Pentagon is intentionally hurting American soldiers, no nuance or complication about it, period.

Obamacare hurts Americans and is destroying their healthcare, period, no nuance about it.

Open borders hurts Americans and provides new Democrat voters, period.

Hillary’s crimes and constant political plotting tell us how dishonest she is and how horrible she would be as president, period.

Liberal welfare handouts keep poor people enslaved to big-government and assure that they will vote Democrat in the next election, period.

Americans are not fooled by elitists nuancing away their liberties and prosperity and then telling them that they are better off with big-government in charge of their lives, and Americans will vote for Donald Trump for president on November 8th and get our nation back to constitutional, non-nuanced governance again.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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