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Kaine tries twice to claim authenticated email may not be real [video]

WikiLeaks is less than halfway through a treasure trove of emails allegedly hacked from John Podesta’s email account and the current Clinton campaign line is to claim that the emails may not even be real.

In an ABC News interview, VP Candidate Tim Kaine was asked about a Clinton staffer email in which disparaging remarks were made about Catholics and the Catholic religion. Kaine’s response was that he wasn’t sure that the emails were real despite being told that the author of the email had already admitted to having sent it.

The problem for Hillary Clinton is that, according to polls, most voters don’t trust her, her campaign or the media, but they do trust WikiLeaks.

Hillary’s camp knows that WikiLeaks is likely building up to a grand finale and whatever they have is much worse than has been made public. In an attempt to get ahead of the news and cast doubt over the leaked messages, the Clinton campaign hopes to get voters to question the emails’ authenticity – failing that – just never apologize.

When asked if there might be an apology from the campaign, Kaine said that “we all have opinions and I don’t think you need to apologize for your opinions” which seemingly admits the email is authentic and they refuse to apologize for it.

The email in question is  between Center for American Progress’ Jay Halpin and Clinton staffer Jennifer Palmieri [emphasis mine]:

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To: [email protected], [email protected] Date: 2011-04-11 21:10
Subject: Re: Conservative Catholicism

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