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How Annoying Was Tim Kaine

As I settled in for the Vice-Presidential debate, I really didn’t know what to expect, after all I didn’t know much about either contender, especially Kaine. What I was not expecting was Tim Kaine making a complete ass of himself. After a while I found myself sitting there shouting at the TV, “Will you shut the hell up and let the man speak.”

I eventually got to the point where I was very agitated and if I was moderating the debate I would have gotten up and slapped Tim Kaine and tell him to shut-up and give Mike Pence a chance to talk. It was obvious that Kaine was scripted and given orders to do and say what he did, but it didn’t work. Though the debate was expected to be dull, people on Twitter noted that Kaine looked “unhinged” and seemed “out of control.”

“If he had just waited his turn,” MSNBC host Chris Matthews lamented after last night’s vice-presidential debate, Tim Kaine “would have had his opportunity” to make his points. “I don’t know why he kept interrupting,” Matthews continued. “With two people debating, the other guy gets the chance to speak.” This is from a guy who feels a thrill up his leg when ever Obama speaks. There is no proof, but it is said that Chris Matthews also has a shrine of Obama that he prays to every night.

Nearly everyone had the same impression as Chris Matthews, which was that the constant interruptions in a two-person debate looked a little desperate, especially for the purpose of reading from a scripted set of soundbites while Pence calmly discussed policy.

I have to admit that Hillary and Kaine are perfect for each other, they are both annoying, although Hillary edges out kaine in that category. If Trump can pull off a winning debate on Sunday, he can make another comeback. The question is will he be able to keep it, he will if he stays off Twitter at 3 O’clock in the morning. Trump had better take a few lessons from his running mate and prepare to look and sound more presidential the next time out if he wants to get any advantage from Pence’s performance.


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  1. Describe Tim Kaine, unhinged, unglued and non presidential, where Mike Pence was the complete opposite, calculated, reasoned and very ethical. Kaine was like a small child who has all the answers and the teacher just wouldn’t call on him, but he was going to shout then out any ways. The last time I saw a face that Kaine was making was on one of the munchkins in the Wizard of Oz, their hair was almost the same as well. Come to think of it there was a wicked Witch in that movie too. Oh and there was a Lion who needed some courage to go along with his Red Lines.

    Donald Trump is a pragmatist. They deal with things expediently and functionally, they understand how things work and they fix it. They understand that everything functions as a system, they also understand that there is one exception to that precept, and that is politics.

    Politics can only function in non truth called lies and utter chaos. Lies and chaos are delivered daily to American doorsteps in a vehicle called the media. This is like a big bus full of odd looking people called journalists and reporters. They are not real people though. They are a type of droid that lacks human understanding, any moral compass or values. They also emit a foul Oder that is a common trait with garbage and things anatomically correct, but are almost always full of shit. They think they serve a valuable purpose. But the truth be told they have an actual value equivalent to the plastic dog in the rear window of some cars where the head always bounces on a spring.

    Donald Trump and Mike Pence will fix America and end the ride and rule of establishment politics. They all know this and America knows this too. Tim Kaine is Hillary’s eunuch, plain and simple. He displayed that is every possible way last night before the voting public. The Droids can spin it into ice cream all they want. and the poles wont keep it from melting because America is sick of Washington Ala-mode. As the saying goes this year….let them eat Cake! As for Hillary, she can go and bark at the moon. Arf arf,,,arf arf arf

  2. Just as soon as I quit laughing I’ll tell you….”I feel your pain”….I suspect Americans across the country shared you feelings…Does it make you feel better knowing you Aren’t alone? It was a disgusting excuse or a debate I imagine that poor moderator thought she was being given ‘her big chance’ and nary a clue that she was a prop for the Clintonesta Crew. Kaine couldn’t even remember which of his sound bytes went where so just dumped them all out over and over and over…..Remember Red Skelton’s Clem Kaddlehopper and little boy characters…sorta like the pansey they call Timmie

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