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When Is A War Not A War? When it’s An Obama Narrative.

According to Josh Ernest, Obama’s press secretary, the war with ISIS is actually being won, based on Obama’s “narrative” (in other words one of his lies told for political gain and position). So now we know why Obama continues to say ISIS is being contained: he’s referring to the spin that he and his press pals are spreading. As long as the real world can be ignored, and as long as the press doesn’t stand up to and challenge the Obama lies, Obama can continue the false narrative that people are not being beheaded by ISIS, that America and Europe are not being attacked by radical Muslim terrorists and that Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon, in spite of the nuke agreement Obama signed with them.

It’s a national disgrace that the Commander in Chief of America’s armed forces (that would be Obama) would even think of developing a “narrative” that both claims there is no war and at the same time claims that we are winning the war, and all the while the poor military personnel who are fighting and dying to fulfill the Commander’s orders, and who are abiding by the anti-American-soldier Rules of Engagement created by the same fool Commander, are trying to serve their country in the traditional manner but see no practical nor favorable outcome resulting from their efforts.

And our subservient liberal press goes along with the narrative lie because they absolutely refuse to do anything to oppose our first black president, who is also the chief liberal who is “fundamentally transforming America”, a nation that the liberal press obviously hates as much as Obama does.

The former Soviet Union’s Izvestia and Pravda news organizations behaved for Stalin and the communist party exactly like our liberal press and liberal cable channels behave for Obama, Hillary and other ultra-leftists: they repeat the narrative lies told by these liberal talking heads, and they let the lies go unchallenged on those rare occasions when they don’t express outright agreement with them directly.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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