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Trump VS.Hillary:The First Presidential Debate!!!


In what has to be the most lively, spirited Presidential debate happened at Hofstra University on Monday night. Moderated by Lester Holt of NBC news Holt told the crowd that “in a moment it’ll just be the three of us — and hopefully just the two of them. That’s what it’s all about.” The rules were that there be no clapping or shouting from the audience.

Holt stepped way out of the way during the opening segment and really let Clinton and Trump go at it. He was so quiet as the two major-party nominees sparred that journalists and other viewers started to wonder if he was still there. He was like a substitute teacher who lost control of the classroom and later turned out to be a shill for Hillary, but we didn’t tune in to watch Holt.

In tonite’s debate Trump seemed more aggressive because he was on defense while Hilary was on offense and landed in with attack after attack. Her position was more on liberal rhetoric and soundbites while Trump dealt with facts. His one problem is he goes on too long and interrupted Hilary a little too much I thought while she remained calm and composed. While Trump was out having his rallies Hillary was practicing for the debate and was well rehearsed. Trump said his attitude about that was just be yourself.

Trump said how all our companies are leaving the country and starting up in Mexico. They are firing people here and we are losing jobs. Trump proposed taxing items they are shipping back here and when they see they are losing money they will come back here. He is in favor of lowering taxes on small businesses from 35% to15% while Hillary was in favor of raising taxes.

On the subject of making good trade deals which the country sorely needs Hillary said her husband created jobs with good trade deals. Trump interrupted her by saying her husband created NAFTA which was one of the worse deals ever made and we lost millions of jobs. He reminded her that she is in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which would lose lots of jobs overseas. He argued that she wants to add regulations and that he would cut regulations. She admitted she wants to raise taxes. How is that going to keep companies here? Her argument was the old liberal playbook of  tax the rich.  Her trade deals kill jobs. Her taxes kill jobs and her attitude to regulate kills jobs. She is anti job creation and for bigger government and redistribution of wealth.

Continuing with her attacks Hillary asked why Trump hasn’t released his taxes and said there was something he was trying to hide. Trump replied that he was under audit and there was a 104 page document that revealed all his expenses and transactions anyone can check out. He then said he would release his taxes against his lawyer’s advice if she would release the 33,000 e-mails she deleted. Hilary replied that she made a mistake. Yeah big mistake Hillary by having an unsecure server you let other hostile countries hack into you and see our most classified in information. And she wants to talk to us about cyber security?

In another hot issue the subject of ISIS and the war in Iraq came up. Lester Holt tried to bring up that Trump was for the Iraq war and Trump immediately stopped Holt and told him he was against the war from the beginning because you would upset the whole Middle East (which I always knew he was) and said that was started by Hillary’s people since she was for the war from the beginning. Hillary looked straight ahead and I could tell she knew she was guilty of that by the expression on her face.

Another hot contentious issue was Obama’s birth certificate with HoIt accusing Trump of questioning it and then changing his mind saying Obama was born here. Trump again stated that it was Hillary’s people who first brought it up (which it was. He was right on that) while Hillary tried to throw it back at him. Actually there are several videos of Obama calling Kenya his home country and him saying he was from there. His birth certificate was a proven forgery pointed out by Judicial Watch with nine errors in it. Trump did say he at least got Obama  to produce a birth certificate.

At the end of the debate Hillary took a cheap shot at Donald saying how he mistreats women and calls them names. I thought this was a mean, nasty cheap shot, but Trump took the high road and said “Hillary I can say something, but I’m not going to go there.”That showed the type of person he is. Donald could have mentioned about the women Bill raped and abused and how Hillary was an attack dog to those women and how Hilary takes hundreds of millions of dollars from countries that abuse women and deny them any rights, but he didn’t for the sake of her daughter.

I was glad to see Trump stay on message that she has been around for 30 years and is all talk and no action like a typical politician. There were many things she could have  done, but she didn’t. Hillary claimed she has the experience to be President and Trump responded that she has the experience, but it’s all bad experience.

Throughout the night Hillary tried playing nit picking games with him, but failed. Right now 70% of the American people say the country is on the wrong track and Hillary represents the status quo while Trump is the agent of change.

There were a lot of topics they didn’t cover like Obamacare, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and corruption there, but maybe they will at the next debate.

In the end I thought Trump could have been more aggressive, but then maybe it was good he held it in so as not to appear to be a bully like the media likes to portray him. He showed he is a fighter and is for the American people. While Hilary belongs in jail not President of the United States.


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Jim Clayton

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