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The Dumb-O-Crat Party And Candidate Hillary

How’s the first female presidential candidate working out for the Dumb-O-Crat party so far? Next time maybe they’ll check into the honesty, integrity and health of their intended candidate and spend less time dwelling on the proposed candidate’s private parts.

Every half-assed thing that could go wrong has indeed gone wrong for the liberal/progressives and all because a Clinton is involved. When will they learn to reject this pair of bad actors and send them back to Arkansas?

The whole Clinton thing reminds one of a Junior High School parade-float decoration project in which one guy becomes a member of the team in order to meet a girl who is also part of the project. He does everything wrong, breaks the float, sets the papier mache on fire and gets everyone angry at him, and then next year he tries the same thing again, with the same results. You’d think someone on the Democrat National Committee would have the intelligence and courage to reject any Clinton family member just to prevent the chaos and turmoil that accompanies them, and get rid of the Ma and Pa Kettle atmosphere that is present wherever they go.

All of Hillary’s tendencies are in the direction of secrecy, and she will, without fail, lie about any subject and then try to cover up the lie with more lies when caught in the original lie. Such a candidate will always get tripped up in their own falsities to the extent that they will be unable to convince a majority of voters to support them because of the constant juking, positioning and bouncing around any subject they want to avoid.

It’s time to get rid of the Dumb-O-Crat party and elect the Republican candidate this time. You’ll be glad you did.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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