The Big-Time Danger of Welshing On Big-Time Crooks: Is This Hillary’s Dilemma?

How will Hillary’s numerous pledges to foreign dictators and tyrannical rulers, pledges she made to them in exchange for the tens of millions of dollars they’ve contributed to the Clinton Global Initiative, be fulfilled if she is too sick to continue her run for the Oval Office? This must be of great concern to Hillary and Bill, because the dictators who contributed money in anticipation of getting goodies and favorable treatment from a new Clinton administration, will not be satisfied with a mere return of their funds, if Hillary fails to become president. If criminal activity, as depicted in movies, is any measure of reality, these men will seek to punish anyone who stands in the way of getting the treatment and things they want, and a return of money is not what they bargained for. The quid must be satisfied with the intended-and-paid for quo or things could get nasty.

The promises Hillary made while Secretary of State had better be delivered or our Missy Hillary and Massa Bill may be in some hot water for nondelivery of their bought-and-paid-for product.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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