Electoral Update: Clinton fading fast (in the polls..)

EiHillary Clintonght new polls released today offer no comfort to the ‘overheated’ and sickly Mrs. Clinton as she continues to snatch defeat firmly from the jaws of victory.

First, let’s give Hillary some good news while she recovers from whatever concocted ailment she allegedly has now. Massachusetts still loves her .. a lot. A new WBUR/MassINC poll puts her ahead of Trump by 26 points. No surprise there – that state is pretty much occupied territory at this point.

The rest of the news is grim for the ailing Democrat’s campaign.

CNN/ORC released a set of polls Wednesday that show that whether this is a two-way or four-way race, Clinton trails Donald by 3-4 points in Florida and 4-5 points in Ohio – both states were showing leanings towards the pneumonia-infected former Secretary of State in prior polls.

Of course, one poll is just one poll – unless Bloomberg releases an Ohio poll that shows exactly the same results. The Bloomberg survey showed respondents favoring Trump over Clinton by a 5 point margin.

hillary-faintingI hesitate to continue with the stressful news for Hillary as stress can induce a seizure… but I must.

Maine is no longer a Democrat safe-state according to a new Colby College/Survey USA poll. Trump has a firm hold on Maine’s congressional 2nd district (worth 1 electoral vote), and has turned the rest of the state into *gasp* a toss-up. Really? How did Clinton’s lead in Maine collapse so suddenly (see what I did there?) In this survey, Trump took a 10 point lead over Hillary in CD2 and pulled Clinton to within the margin of error among respondents. That’s just sick!

Colorado is liking them some Hillary a lot less than they used to. While we haven’t been able to independently verify the survey yet, the results are too interesting to simply ignore.  The Denver Post reported today that a newly released Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Trump with a 2-point edge over Clinton in the centennial state. Just a month ago, polls gave the overheating Hillary double-digit leads over her healthier opponent, but Donald shouldn’t take that to mean it’s all about him…

Republican pollster David Flaherty at Magellan Strategies conducted a Aug. 29-31 poll that showed Clinton with a 41 percent to 36 percent lead among likely voters in a four-way race, just outside the 4.4 percentage point margin of error.

But he cautions against Trump’s camp getting too optimistic. “Trump is not gaining in momentum or support. Gary Johnson is,” he said, referring to the Libertarian candidate for president, who is getting significant support in Colorado.

Oh… I can’t wait to pen the article on a  “Johnson factor” that doesn’t mention Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner – what could go wrong?

Hillary partial seizureNevada is continuing to trend towards Trump as he takes a 2-point lead over Hillary reversing Hillary’s 2 point lead at the beginning of August. Still in the margin of error so we’ll leave Nevada a toss-up, but if the trend continues.. Clinton may just get all the rest she needs.

We might as well mention all the polls. South Carolina has never been anything but a Trump state and that trend continues as a new Trafalgar Group poll put Donald over Hillary by 15. Kansas is +12 to Trump as expected.

Something of note on these polls.  These are the first polls to be released where the survey included responses after Clinton’s ‘medical episode’ on September 11th and the ensuing. ham-handed cover-up that no thinking human being could possibly believe.

Electoral Map

Taking the polls above into consideration there are a few changes in our electoral analysis:

  • Maine goes toss-up (-3 Hillary)
  • Maine CD2 goes likely GOP (no change)
  • We’ll watch Nevada closely to see if it should be moved to leaning GOP
  • Colorado goes toss-up as long as Johnson stays in the race

Oh my word .. things are looking unsteady for the Democrat nominee…

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  1. Now THIS is how I would rather look at political news. The humor is dry and sarcastic, but appreciable and right up my alley. Love getting the facts with a little snark on the side. Thanks Rick .. loved this way of presenting normally boring stuff! Keep it up, I’ll keep reading.

    1. I wrote a sideways article and got a sideways compliment. Works for me. Thanks Jeff. – Rich (notice the “h” at the end – it makes a different sound than a ‘k’) Just messin’ with ya’. But if you ever call me Rick again, I know some people that the Clintons know and those people make other people not known anymore – ya’ know?

      Thanks for the comment and for being a CDN reader.

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