A Kennedy Claims That Bush ‘41 Will Vote For Hillary

A member of the Kennedy clan said yesterday that in a recent meeting with George Bush the elder, he told her that he will vote for Hillary in the next election.

One must keep in mind that President George H.W. Bush (‘41) is famous for his “read my lips” promise to oppose any new taxes when he occupied the Oval Office, a promise that he quickly vacated with a little pressure from liberals who didn’t take his statement seriously and knew he could be manipulated. So if he indeed did tell the Kennedy that he will vote for Hillary, she should be careful about believing the statement on its face value. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that the liberal Kennedy misread ‘41’s lips, or maybe she wishfully read his lips, and interpreted them as she desired them to read.

It’s hard for me to believe that a great American like George H.W. Bush would stoop so low as to develop a pique toward Donald Trump just because Mr. Trump beat Jeb Bush in the Republican primary, to the point that he would put the entire nation at risk and vote for the ultra-left Hillary Clinton. And I also just plain don’t believe what a Kennedy has to say. Liberals all share the Islamic frame of mind that it’s admirable to lie for the faith, and I believe that’s what this Kennedy is doing: lying for the faith of liberalism.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Dave, I can agree that the source isn’t reliable. However, I, living in Midland Texas can tell you that disappointing and even unbelievable as it may be….it is apparent that the Bush family does in fact hold an apparent grudge over Jeb’s failure and Trump’s name calling. Gw’s & Jeb’s childhood home is just blocks away and many hold them in family-like closeness and speak of them by first names.

    There is a lack of Republican election activity, almost no yard signs or bumper stickers. If you ask a Bush supporter about this, it’s very likely that the answer will reflect a Jeb sentiment or a rumored Barbara statement. Pretty sad, huh?

    If you think back I believe that on both Bushes’ presidencies you can probably see an indication of very moderate ‘thinking’….and associations. George H has worked closely with the Clinton Foundation & Bro Bill since leaving office and Both he and Barbara have participated in the Bilderburg Group (attendee/membership listed names) I have also (heard) and only heard that he encouraged Agenda 21.

    Of course many Texans also think that Ted Cruz’s loss is an added insult…. also dumb

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