The Obama Administration Lives By The Lie, And Will Die By The Lie

Yesterday we learned that in January the Obama administration gave Iran $400 million in cash at the same time that five Americans held captive in Iran were released from captivity, and many people immediately associated the releases with the money the administration gave to Iran and called the exchange a ransom. Of course the Obama administration said that the money was given to Iran for a separate, unrelated reason and that it was the purest chance that the release of the prisoners was the same day the cash arrived.

No one believes the lying Obama bunch, and when they claim that this prisoner/money exchange was not ransom we recall other such Obama lies:

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,

The Bush administration caused the Fast and Furious problem and the resulting agent death,

The ACA will save you $2500 a year in healthcare costs,

The Iran nuke deal will prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon,

If Iran doesn’t follow the rules of the Nuke agreement the sanctions will be restored,

If Iran doesn’t follow the rules of the Nuke agreement inspectors will immediately investigate,

We have successfully contained the ISIS forces,

ISIS is a JV team,

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be president.

So it’s obvious why we don’t believe the reason given by the administration for the windfall awarded the Iranians, but we do know how the cash will be spent: on weapons intended to kill American soldiers and various civilians around the world. The fools in the Obama administration know full well the destruction and suffering that the gift to Iran will cause, but they gave it to them, our sworn enemies, regardless. This is just one more example of Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform America”, and he is succeeding in this effort.

What kind of idiots are the Obama people anyway?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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