So Now We Can Call Them Queers Again?

When Donald Trump used the acronym LGBTQ the other day in a speech I thought he had made an error in his presentation that would send the left into stratospheric orbit, but then I googled the term and sure enough, the “Q” stands for queer/questioning. I have no idea what the “questioning” part refers to, but I take it that homosexuals are OK with being called queers again, at least as part of the package acronym.

At risk of being politically incorrect, I just want to keep up with what I’m permitted to say and what the radical left is forbidding to be said, so I can keep on the good side of the dominant social/political class. These vacuous people change so frequently that it’s difficult for the average person to keep up, so I’m just asking.

Would they prefer to just be called Qs? Is the entire word queer permissible? Or does the entire LGBTQ logo have to be used? Is just the original LGBT now offensive, if the Q is eliminated in speaking? Is the word Gay back in vogue?

Young politically active people are such snowflakes these days, with their micro-aggressions and their need for safe spaces where they aren’t offended by having to hear opinions expressed that are contrary to their own, that I’m afraid to crush their cocoons by treating them like real individuals who have real people problems and concerns, so I want to get this ever-changing environment properly expressed and worded to their satisfaction.

Again, I’m just asking.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This is some silly nonsense. Just don’t call “them” anything, unless you know their names, and then use those. If you have an opinion about something you have to Google just to check the nomenclature, best to just keep that opinion to yourself since by the evidence above, you don’t seem to be an expert on this, and your opinion would more than likely reflect that. I realize that you worked your whole life and that you were a contributor to society, and that is something that you should be proud of, but this whole article feels like you are kind of sneering at people who don’t have “real world problems.” Did you know it is legal in some states to fire someone for being LGBTQ? It’s true. That seems like a real world problem to me. I know lots of people in that community who had a conversation with their parents at the end of which their parents loved them less. I can’t think of anything more real world than that. Sir, you’re 72 years old. Is this how you want to spend your retirement? Taking pot shots at people who are different than you? I suppose it is your prerogative, but I know I wouldn’t feel good about myself had I been the one to submit something so negative.

    1. John,
      You missed the point of my piece. It’s the liberal political correctness that I am making fun of, not individuals. From what I’ve seen, the LGBT crowd is more tied to identifying as a group and accumulating political power than in living normal American lives and being happy people. First they insisted that the word queer not be used; then they wanted to be called gay; then the group thing began and they wanted to be identified as LGBT; then they added the LGBTQ identity. It’s hard to keep up. The gay people I’ve known I did, indeed, call by their names, but the gay movement has resorted to typical liberal divisiveness in its search for power and status in big government.

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