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Do Leftists Really Know What They Want? More Importantly, Do They Understand What Their Actions Will Produce?

Let’s imagine a few years into the future and consider a Hillary Clinton administration in which all guns have been confiscated from law-abiding American citizens, leaving these decent people defenseless and without personal protection, and leaving only criminals and terrorists in possession of fire arms.

Obviously criminals and terrorists will  continue to behave like the criminals and terrorists they are, since they will still have their weapons, but keep in mind that this violation of the second amendment will occur in an environment where liberal race-baiting politicians have generated a violent hate for police officers across the nation, a trend begun and carefully developed in the Obama administration, and at a time when our brave police officers across America have developed a self-defense attitude of backing off on aggressively investigating crimes and encountering suspects out of fear of themselves being prosecuted for their zeal in trying to apprehend bad guys; in other words citizens will have even less protection from a cowed police force than they do today, and added to this danger they will also no longer be personally armed for self-defense.

Crime will not stop with the liberal/progressive disarming of Americans, and it’s probably safe to assume that crime in a defenseless world will likely increase, so when violence with fire arms continues under this imagined Hillary administration, how will she and her liberal friends respond? Who will they blame for the continued, or even increased, crime wave? They will no longer have public ownership of guns to blame for the violence, and since liberals are doing nothing about the escalating gun violence in big cities like Chicago at the current time, who believes that they will crack down on an increased level of gang-related gun violence in the future?  It wouldn’t surprise me if liberal/progressives were to declare this violent new defenselessness to be a “new-normal” that we will have to learn to live with.

Hillary must be defeated in November, period.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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