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Obama Is The Last Person To Turn To For Healing And Peace

Let’s first review only Obama’s timeliness in judging his accuracy and wisdom when making statements about events important to our lives:

First, he called ISIS a “JV” team just prior to its becoming a major international killing force threatening the world.

Second, he declared that he had “contained” ISIS the day before the November 13, 2015, attack on Paris, and just prior to the San Bernardino terrorist attack in California.

Third, he declared the police killings of black suspects in Louisiana and Minnesota as racist killings just prior to the mass attacks on police officers in Dallas, Texas, at a Black Lives Matter gathering. And these examples are only proof of Obama’s bad timing in shooting off his mouth about critical events; we haven’t ever gotten to the subject of his accuracy and intent yet.

It’s clear that when Obama announces a judgement on something, if all he is trying to do is put citizens’ minds at peace about the threat, then he’s a complete failure and a counter force to peace. But add to this infinite fallibility his bad intentions and his dislike of Americans and the American way of life under our constitution, and you have a disaster in the making with such a president.

Any leader who claims he is going to “fundamentally transform” the entity he is leading will not do the job that most people under his rule want done by their leader. So when Obama promised he would “fundamentally transform America” during his administration, those citizens who paid attention to his words expected nothing but disaster from an Obama administration. And that’s exactly what we got. The current disaster is racial divide, and this is the one area where Obama, the community organizer and professional agitator, is right at home and needs no advice from his leftist staff as to how best to divide the nation.

When a police officer shoots a young black man in the line of duty Obama immediately assumes, and openly proclaims to the public, that it was the officer’s fault due to his racism, even though the deaths of most young black men are at the hands of other young black men, not police officers. Obama rules out the possibility that the police officer was justified in using violence against the suspect. Our president forgets that decent black Americans depend on police officers to protect them from young black men who commit crimes, and whose crimes are way out of proportion to their percentage of the American population. So when he dumps accusations of racism on police, he hurts the decent black citizens who depend on these officers for protection from the young men Obama defends, at great cost to America’s police officers and law-abiding black citizens of America.

In addition, leftists like Obama never look inward to themselves and their policies as being culpable for rising crime rates and terrorist attacks. The Democrats have established their future voting block and re-election efforts on poor people, disproportionately black under the Obama administration, whose population is also disproportionately unemployed and poorly educated with no fathers in the home and whose mothers are swamped with too many welfare children to raise alone on a barely existent welfare budget and living in crime-ridden areas.

And what is Obama’s idea to help welfare recipients? He wants their sub-standard buildings constructed in traditionally middle-class neighborhoods, not to help the welfare recipients, but to stick a finger in the eye of hard-working, middle class Americans, destroy the value of their homes and make them subject to living in high crime neighborhoods. Every program and policy of the Obama administration, and liberal policy in general, only make matters worse and lessens the quality of life for all Americans.

The current dangerous racial/police situation can be placed right at the feet of Barack Obama, because he will never encourage people to withhold judgement on police shootings until after all of the facts are in and we know exactly what happened. Even when his own Justice Department cleared the police officer of any wrong-doing in the Ferguson death of a young black man who attacked the police officer, Obama lets the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot” and “black lives matter” go unchallenged and he makes no attempt to calm those who believe the police were at fault, but instead he agitates and makes harsh, untruthful and inflammatory charges against the police, and more people die as a result, this time Dallas police officers.

And we should also recall that the trials in Baltimore that accused police officers, both black and white, of causing the death of a young black criminal, have found the police officers to be not guilty. So it’s not only Obama who is stirring up racial feelings and causing trouble in America, it’s all liberal/leftist/Democrats who are destroying the lives of Americans for their own political advantage.

Then add to this mess the fact that Obama is pushing to nationalize all local police departments and place them under his personal command, and we’ve got even greater problems ahead if a big-government Democrat like Hillary Clinton becomes our next president and continues Obama’s destructive, unconstitutional and totalitarian policies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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