Who Are The Ultimate “Never-Trump” Advocates?

Liberal/Progressive/Democrats are the ultimate “never-Trump” advocates, with principled Conservatives/Republicans coming up far to the rear of that group in number and voting clout.

Conservatives/Republicans had better understand this fact or they will wake up on November 9th to discover that Obama’s third term place-filler has been elected to office for the next four years, and this bunch of America-hating radical fools, whether Hillary, Bernie, dumb ole Joe Biden or Pocahontas, having observed Obama’s successful, dictatorial style for eight years, and having had a good lesson demonstrating how weak House and Senate Republicans are and how easy it is for a president to disobey the constitution and the laws of the nation and rule by executive order,  will be loaded for bear and will quickly complete Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”.

Warning registered. Enough said.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. #NeverTrump
    I don’t care who he is up against
    I won’t vote for the lesser(?) of 2 evils

    1. Then you are a fool and the same hand that you feed the beast with will bite you in the end.

      Hillary and libs will not stop until they take your guns and tear the Constitution in half….they hate America.

      Choosing nothing will destroy you.

  2. While many won’t vote for a “lesser of 2 evils”……I’m curious as to WHY they will NOT VOTE FOR AMERICA? ?? I fully understand reasoning behind not liking Trump because I don’t and I knocked on many doors and did mail outs for another candidate….I even could see another candidate I could ‘be ok with’….BUT #1 We have always abided by the MAJORITY rule and it’s apparent that I was in that group this time….and I LOVE OUR BEAUTIFUL NATION enough to put it Ahead of my own wishes.

    For those that think A single vote isn’t important….put an equal amount on each side of a balancing scale and then add just a single ounce to one side , It tips the scale.

    It strikes me that (some) of those that can’t bring themselves to back America with the majority’s choice are either unaware, listening to others , putting themselves first or probably never vote.

    Ok, this sounds somewhat pious & I sure don’t mean to….I defer to the party choice because I don’t believe that Trump will deliberately try to destroy our country and I sure can’t say the same about Hillary! We are ALL AMERICANS and as one goes, we all go.

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