Escalating Violence Against Trump And His Supporters By Bernie And Hillary’s Thugs Prove The Need For A Trump Presidency

Right on cue from the leftist revolutionaries who are committing escalating acts of violence against Donald Trump and his peaceful supporters, we see a century-past movement reminiscent of the Russian Bolshevik revolution of 1917, and it’s oddly and appropriately enough coming right on the tail end of the leftist Obama administration with its divisiveness, racism, intolerance and unconstitutional maneuverings.

Last night in San Jose, this new Democrat violence took a mean turn when a young woman who attended the Trump speech was trapped by a mob and physically attacked while around her the radical Bernie/Hillary supporters were waving Mexican flags and burning American flags. I guess it’s clear what cause, principles and nation these violent creatures were supporting. And if you want an example of a War On Women, the progressive, Democrat leftists have presented it with this violent attack on a woman. Perhaps the defining event, in the midst of this violence, was the Democrat Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, himself a Hillary supporter, who dutifully condemned the violence, and of course, blamed it on Donald Trump and his followers.

It amazes me how people can escape a corrupt, impoverished nation like Mexico to find sanctuary in America, and then begin destroying the very thing they left Mexico to find in the first place: stability, peace and prosperity. How short-sighted can people be? And I assume they are only trying to assure the election of Bernie or Hillary, both of whom promise them a non-ending string of goodies from the federal government, but not the freedom and liberty they should be seeking. These violent events can only assure a corrupt, violent presidency if the leftist candidate wins the White House in November.

Thank you, Barack Obama, for laying the groundwork for this violence and divisiveness as your administration ends in a blaze of destruction.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Trump’s solution for solving the illegal invasion is somewhat muted when it comes to ideas I’ve heard and shared. Where as ENFORCEMENT of OUR LAWS is a preventive action……….AMNESTY is forgiveness and permission to continue illegal pursuits……When our National Borders are ILLEGALLY breached there are 4 laws broken…one is acquiring a social security card under false pretense…A Felony, punishable by imprisonment , fine or both….and it goes from there.

    AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE LIVING IN FEAR INSTEAD OF FREEDOM……Don’t buy that ??? Come on down to our Southern border towns and see for yourself.

  2. I am just one person. One vote. No matter WHAT I think of Trump, I will vote AGAINST their CHILDISH cause on no more grounds that the disgust hell out of me!!!!

    Yeah, violence is ALWAYS a sign of SCARED SH-TLESS desperation!

    And the MSM just keeps the staccato going….

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