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White House Says: Make The Fence Higher


As I was reading the New York Post, a headline caught my eye. Jumpers force Secret Service to raise White House fence. The story went on to say:

The Secret Service will raise the height of the White House security fence by five feet and add a new concrete foundation, in the wake of an uptick of people scaling it — including one this week. Along with the National Park Service, the Secret Service said it expected to begin building a “taller, stronger” fence to guard the White House grounds by 2018. “We have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence and onto the 18 acres,” a Secret Service official said.

After I read it, I started thinking, what a bunch of lying hypocrites these Democrats are. They condemn the Republicans for wanting to build a wall along the Mexican boarder that would keep America safe by keeping Illegal’s out, and they also claim that a wall would not work, but making the fence higher around the White House would work and keep our president safe.

Democrats never did make any sense, that’s why I have been a Republican since I was 16 years old. Now that they have even moved farther to the left, they are pretty much a bunch of Socialists. Only an idiot would want to live in a country with open boarders, letting in terrorists, rapists and murders. Does Kathryn Steinle ring a bell? The woman who was shot by an illegal alien, a man who was deported five times but always found a way to sneak back in. What about the thousands who were killed by illegal’s driving drunk. What about the hundreds of girls who were raped by illegal’s?

Israel put up a fence and it works, let’s not forget The Berlin Wall, look how successful that was, that was built to keep people in, but it worked didn’t it, how about the Great Wall of China?  A long high wall works, the president knows it, I guess as long as he is safe it’s OK, but to hell with the American people. Vote Trump.

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  1. Gray headed old women often have random thoughts and every now and then one will keep repeating itself…..this is one of them…..We have tenants re-locating out of this huge place with a long term lease “down Cuba way” that will soon be totally vacant. It is fully equipped with amenities and large areas for sunning, playing. It has cable TV and the direction to Mecca is clearly marked…..And, like in Chicago, it’s next door to a ‘for real’ communist dictator.There are enough rooms for the entire family as well as guest and the current court rooms can be converted to ballrooms for entertaining Oh, yes, it has very high fences.

    fyi…GW Bush was allotted money to build the wall…..So where did that go??? Cruz worked with Perry, Abbott and Jan Brewer (AZ) to build it and to allow law enforcement to simply do their job. If it’s a border fence we want, let’s not hire a johnny come lately.

    Odd and rare that it is for a politician to keep promise…..Cruz did! He was sent to DC to ‘shake up” and step on toes of the ‘good ole boys’ in Constitution fashion.

  2. In truth Chris if they were going to build a bigger fence why stop there? Just cover the place with a damn cage and be done with it. He’s turned Washington and much of America into a spectacle or little more than a zoo anyways. A cage would be more than fitting for the likes of this supposed leader and suspect president. Plus they could build his LGBT monument that he is so keen for on the property while erecting the cage. This way he can nail two birds with one stone and still be left with something to crow about at the Mosque with his buddies.

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