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Whether You Believe Al Gore Or The Bible, It’s All About Religion And Faith

There have been many people notice that the global warming/environmentalist groups are only the latest in a long line of new-age religions practicing their newly found faith. Of course, no dedicated, believing warmist would stand for being compared with a Bible-thumping Christian, but the comparison is accurate and on-target. Whether your reading preference is Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb or the Bible, it’s all faith-based. The likes of Al Gore, Barack Obama or Ted Danson would laugh at a biblical reference to Armageddon and the earth reverting to a fiery hell for the sins of humans, but they have no problem trying to make us all feel guilty for excess carbon footprints and trying to make us toe the government line and fear the end of life on earth as we know it due to a rising CO2 level they believe is causing global temperatures to rise by maybe one degree in fifty years; maybe.

Christians have no nation with an IRS and an FBI to spread their message and enforce their rules, but Barack Obama does have these often-fascist organizations, and his government pals are in the process of shoving their warming/change lie and their religion of environmentalism down our throats by prosecuting and imprisoning all who express doubt about their faith-based opinions. Christians can’t prove the existence of God, and Obama can’t prove that human actions are causing rising global temperatures, if indeed they are rising at all, nor can he show evidence of rising ocean levels that are caused by any warming.

The left has always spoken loudly and often about Christians trying to force their religious beliefs on the nation, but these same leftists have no problem at all forcing those of the Judeo-Christian faith to adhere to their false beliefs by using the U.S. criminal code to get rid of non-believers in environmentalism. In point of fact, America has been stern in its insistence that religion and faith play no official role in the running of the nation’s politics nor its business, while being equally insistent that religious freedom and choice be absolutely protected. But leftists know no bounds on their quest for power, and the religion of warming/change is their vehicle to ruling the nation and is just another form of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”.

Religion can also spread to political parties seeking power via socialist beliefs, and leftists currently see themselves as having a holy calling to make all of its subjects equal through poverty and the sharing of someone else’s wealth. And make no mistake about it, if elected, socialists/Democrats will force all of us to suffer along with them and participate in their welfare state.

Liberals, through their typical insistence that no opposition to their policies be heard nor be tolerated, are attempting to make America into a religious nation with the worship of their socialist/environmentalist teachings, which will doom future generations to a grinding poverty that our parents and grandparents had conquered and put an end to in the 20th Century by replacing serfdom and centralized government edicts with Capitalism, which those American citizens currently living have enjoyed and taken for granted, and will soon lose if Democrats and their radical ideas continue to control the government of the United States.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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