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This Is How “So Much Could Go So Wrong”

On November 1, 2015, the Miami Herald published a story titled Brazil: How could so much go so wrong? in which they detailed how a left wing former member of a Marxist Guerilla Group who became the first woman president of Brazil under the umbrella of the left-wing Workers Party, was facing political and financial problems that could only result in tragedy for herself and her country.

Yesterday we learned that the same Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, has been impeached and removed from office while she faces trial by the Brazilian legislature, and has placed Brazil in a very bad position as the economy suffers and the Olympics are about to be held there. Ms. Rousseff has long faced investigations for scandals, beginning with her former position as chairwoman of Brazil’s Petrobras company, and now as president of Brazil.

America could learn much about having a radical leftist with a trail of scandals in her wake becoming president of a modern, prosperous nation which is already having problems related to socialism, and who is seeking election for blatant sexist reasons related to her being a woman.

One of the major differences between Ms. Rousseff and Hillary Clinton is that the Brazilian president was imprisoned in 1970 for her Marxist Urban Guerilla activities, and since Hillary is being investigated by the FBI for scandals while she was Obama’s Secretary of State, she may also soon have imprisonment added to her other leftist badges of honor. For the left, scandals are simply resume enhancements.

Radical leftists and wealthy nations don’t fit well together. Leftists like Obama, Hillary and Bernie believe that your money is theirs to use as they see fit, and modern societies cannot function when they are dependent on yanking income and investments from the private sector and spending that stolen money on unsustainable leftist, redistributionist schemes, if not outright giving it to societies’ takers in order to be assured of getting their vote in the next election.

We know how things can easily go wrong, and now America is on warning and had better make certain that we get the next election right or we may go the way of Brazil.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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