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Mitt Romney leading conservative effort to block Trump

Mitt Romney is heading a group of conservatives attempting to stop Donald Trump from winning the election.

Romney is working with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, former Red State blogger Erick Erickson and a host of GOP consultants, fundraisers and establishment types to find a candidate to run third-party against Trump.

The group believes that if they can field a bona-fide conservative it will offer an alternative to Hillary Clinton  and Donald Trump that could win, but almost no one agrees with them.

The list of possible candidates has included celebrities, military leaders and current politicians:

Earlier prospects included former senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and retired Marine Corps Gen. James N. Mattis. Former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and retired Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal have been bandied about as potentially potent political outsiders.

The recruiters also delved into the world of reality television for someone who might out-Trump Trump: Mark Cuban, the brash billionaire businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

The problem? They’ve all turned Mitt’s offer down.

Time is certainly not on an independent candidate’s side. The deadline to get on the ballot in several states has already passed or is just about to hit. Texas, a treasure trove of electoral votes, is one that has already expired.

Other than trying to field a candidate, Mitt has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Mitt had previously posted a poorly-considered rant on Facebook suggesting that Trump is disqualified because he won’t release his income tax returns. The social media outrage was plentiful and harsh.

A third-party candidate entering the race in June of the election year has zero chance of actually winning, so what is Mitt Romney’s actual goal? Is he just trying to stop Trump, no matter the cost?

An independent conservative candidate would certainly siphon a small portion of votes from Trump, but not enough to win. That same right-leaning candidate would have no chance at pulling votes from the Hillary faithful. Mitt’s team is going to lead to a Hillary presidency if they aren’t stopped.

The consequences of a Clinton win are dire. Clinton will get to nominate a Supreme Court justice that will change the balance of the court. The landmark gun rights case “D.C. v. Heller” was decided by 5-4 with Scalia the deciding vote. McDonald v. Chicago was decided with exactly the same vote: 5-4. One justice going the other way and the second amendment works much differently today.

Those consequences could easily extend to privacy, states’ rights, religion and more.

In a campaign year where there is much to lose, Mitt Romney is doing what he does best – losing.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I live in Massachusetts and the idea of Mitt Romney standing up for conservative principles is laughable. He did all he could to shun that description as governor. Pro abortion, pro gay, and pro government health care. He invented Obamacare before Obama thought of it with skyrocketing premiums and mandates. He put Cathlic Charities out of the adoption business and failed to mount a constitutional challenge to gay marriage which still is not actually legal in MA. No law was ever passed. His problem with Trump? Trump is a winner, doing everything Romney failed to do, such as challenge his opponent.

    1. He’s a joke and proving it. The GOP establishment is likely behind all of this and the best they could do is Mitt. They don’t know how to win elections, pick candidates or fight a fight. I’ve been an independent for a looooong time and there is no way this in convincing me to check the GOP box this year.

    1. I understand your critique, but the title is correct. Erick Erickson is a conservative blogger/radio host, Bill Krystol a conservative journalist. How things change. Mitt Romney is not nor has he ever been a true conservative. It will be interesting to see who else jumps on this little band wagon.

  2. These GOP types, Romney included, are setting up for a Democratic victory in 2017. They had their chance and failed. If Trump is the nominee then they need to get onboard. The GOP has been weak and ineffective because of this kind of in fighting and a third party candidate players right into liberal left wing hands. I was once a registered Republican but these buffoons are impossible to support. I, like so many others, am utterly disgusted with the Republican Party. I am now an Independent. I have more respect for the Democrats and far left wing weenies than the idiots on the Republican side. By the way Romney ,et al, have you not observed that millions of Americans have voted in the primary for the eventual nominee? Get on board or go to Hell!

  3. I have to admit, when Romney/Ryan were the ticket, I could see a brighter economy…..that was then. And while I find it a little odd that voters mocked or objected Romney’s wealth and business successes and Trump’s is fine and dandy…..Mitt is NOT doing this Country a service, but a huge DISservice and handing it to the left on a silver platter….

    I think Trump is a boorish bully with a crude long shoreman attitude and want ‘his way’…BUT I honestly believe his intentions are honest and he will KICK BUTT….and there’s alot of that needed. He will do his best to build, not destroy this Country we love.

    I know there is ‘bad blood’ between Trump and Mitt, even that is not reason to slap down the rest of us and what possible motivation can these other yahoos be thinking? I suppose that if the roof leaks, rather than repair it, they’d burn the house down and look for a new one DUMB DUMB and not really American

  4. Mitt , give it up you had your chance and My vote , but you folded like a cheap suit . Yes the establishment GOP is running scared and should be , you dirty little secrets will be known to and outsider . If the GOP wants the Whitehouse then they need to get behind TRUMP , yes Trump ….. he’s the GOP Candidate !!
    If cannot follow the GOP voter wishes vote for Hillary or Bernie and get four or eight more years of what ‘s in the Whitehouse today …………..

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