Liberals Hate Europeans, Unless They’re Mexicans Or Cubans With European Names

Liberals are hard to understand. They love Europe with its public transportation, its wine, its single-payer healthcare and its tiny cars, but they hate European accomplishments, especially when considering the old European colonies in the Americas. Here’s the rundown on this subject as it reflects liberal sentiment today, along with an attempt to demonstrate the intellectual deficits involved in related liberal ideas:

Of course, liberals say, Mexico should be able to regain the territories the United States stole from it in the Mexican War of 1846.  It’s only fair to want to give these territories back to their original, indigenous rulers. But they forget that Mexico (and Cuba) is governed by people with European, conquistador names like Calderon, Zedillo and Nieto, none of them traditional Indian names to whom Mexico and the Southwestern United States originally “belonged”. As in the United States, the European invaders were stronger than the native Indian tribes and the un-unified tribes were defeated.

So where is the logical position of modern liberals who think that returning California and Texas to Mexico is a good idea? As usual, anything liberals dream up is wrong and destructive to even themselves and their own personal welfare. Castro (a European) is a ruthless dictator in Cuba, but our beloved liberal president, Barack Obama, is proud of himself for reopening trade and travel with this murderer’s impoverished, imprisoned nation. He does so because the current trend of Obama’s administration (in keeping with his determination to “fundamentally transform America”) is to return the mistreated “Hispanic” leaders of Cuba and Mexico to their rightful positions of affluence and importance in the world, because, they say, the European nation of America has treated them so badly and ruthlessly for decades and has been the cause of their impoverishment.  Forgotten in this opinion is that the rulers of Mexico and Cuba are of European origin and are only called Hispanic to make them seem more third-worldly and to gain more sympathy for them in liberal public opinion. Liberals ignore the fact that the poverty of these nations is the result of their leaders’ corruption and incompetence, whether they’re call Europeans or Hispanics. But Obama will blame America first in every instance, so expect more blame for the failures inherent with the communist and feudal ruling styles of Cuba and Mexico to be blamed on America, which in reality is these nations’ savior, not their oppressor.

Liberals forget that the native Indians of Cuba and Mexico were enslaved by the Europeans and often totally wiped out by the Europeans’ superior weapons and military tactics or the diseases they carried. But do we ever hear Obama say that Cuba and Mexico should be returned to the Indians, and that the European/Hispanic leaders of today, given their track record of horribly running these abominable nations, should give up their power? No we don’t. Obama loves, admires and envies dictators who possess absolute power, so these two countries and their corrupt leaders are the ones he wants to cuddle up to in the current battle for America’s borders.

Under normal circumstances a nation that is so corrupt and incompetent that its citizens flee to a neighboring country to seek liberty and employment would be ridiculed and criticized for the way it treats its citizens. But not when the corrupt nation is Mexico or Cuba and the neighbor they are fleeing to is the United States. Suddenly the corrupt nation is pristine and beautiful and criticism of it puts one at risk of condemnation and ridicule for being a racist.  This attitude extends most recently to Donald Trump for announcing that if he becomes president he will build a wall across our southern border and that Mexico will pay for it. For identifying a problem impacting all Americans and offering a solution to that problem, Trump has been made enemy number one by liberals this election season. Expect radical liberals in America, exemplified by our dear president, to continue to give emotional shelter to the rulers of Mexico and Cuba, and to allow illegal aliens to flood the United States and illegally influence our national and local elections, while at the same time calling people like Donald Trump racists and bigots because they want to protect American citizens from the illegal actions of neighboring countries.

Radical hateful groups like La Raza would have all of the southwest United States turned over to them so the “rightful” owners of the land could again gain power. But the “rightful” owners La Raza identifies are not the Indians who were kicked off the land by the conquistadors. They are instead the descendants of the European conquerors who have destroyed Mexico and Cuba and caused such suffering in those and other central and south American nations (like Venezuela, for example). La Raza is just another violent leftist group operating along the lines of Castro and Guevara, who live like kings while the majority of their population suffer in poverty. Obama is a pal of La Raza and in speaking to them has made it clear that he is on their radical side in their war on democracy and liberty.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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