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The Political Class Needs To Learn The Difference Between Democrat And Democratic

The name of America’s leftist political party is Democrat, they’re the Democrat Party.  The description of a party or organization in America would be that it’s democratic in nature. This doesn’t mean that the Democrat Party is democratic nor that it practices democracy, but that’s their name. Democrat is a noun and democratic is an adjective that modifies a noun. To say some one or some party is democratic means that they are in the form of a democracy, or they are democracy-like.  No one would say that the Republican Party is republican-like, so why would they say that Democrats are democracy-like. It’s the old difference between a big “D” and a little “d”.

Too often all flavors of political talking heads, left and right, refer to the “Democratic Party” doing this thing or that thing, when they should simply say “The Democrat Party” did them. This is not a difficult distinction to make and our smart-set talking heads should know better. In fact it’s possible that this is just another verbal war won by Democrats, similar to “the Republican war on women” or “Bush lied and people died” and such idiotic but easy to say phrases that shape an argument before it’s even begun. If we wanted to talk about people dying from a presidential lie, we’d coin the phrase “Obamacare lied and people suffered and died, after going broke trying to pay for it” or we’d say “Bush fought terrorism and we won the Iraq war, but Obama shied and people died all over again when we left too soon”. The latter phrases are neither short enough nor cleverly-enough assembled, and that’s why Republicans are losing the verbal war with Democrats, even though the latter points are true and the former Democrat phrases are lies.

To be quite truthful, the Democrat Party may be the least “democratic” organization in America. When one considers that Hillary is losing to Bernie in states won and delegates accumulated, but that Hillary is ahead of Bernie in the actual delegate count when the super-delegates are included, we find a lack of democracy being practiced by the Democrats.

And one should not confuse the difference between a democracy and a representative republic. The primary elections and the caucuses are examples of direct democracy because the votes of the individuals in the various political organizations are supposed to immediately indicate who the winner of the event is. On the other hand, America is a Representative Democracy because we elect our representatives directly, who in turn either pass laws that are not directly voted on by the public they represent or they elect the president via the Electoral College which is also an indirect election path from the people.

It’s a shame when a rube like myself has to correct the spoken and written word of the elites in Washington and New York, but there it is.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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