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“Iran Has Not Violated The Nuke Agreement, Period”.

Does the construction of that sentence sound familiar? The era of Obama has been replete with similar phrases. Every sentence that Obama ends with the word ”Period” is a lie, period. Also sentences that even end with the punctuation mark of the period are lies. Do you remember Obama’s “keep your doctor”, “keep your plan” and “save $2500 a year, period”? Only this time he has negotiated a deal with Iran to supposedly keep them from developing a nuclear weapon, but instead allows them to develop not only the weapons, but the missiles to deliver them as well.  And there is no promised setback when the agreement is violated because the Obama administration lied to Congress and the American citizens about the rules of the agreement with Iran. Simply stated, our president is giving a nuclear weapon and the means to deliver that weapon, to Iran.

In other words, in order to gain his “legacy” and get Iran to sign any agreement (and it’s my understanding that the Mullahs still haven’t actually signed the agreement these several months later), Obama gave them the ability and the money to develop a nuke after repeatedly promising that such a thing would never happen. I thought Obama’s legacy was assured in his “fundamental transformation of America” but he wants to not only destroy America’s economy but seeks our physical destruction as well.

Has Obama thought of how the destruction of America will adversely impact the illegal aliens he has so willingly allowed to enter our borders? The America Obama leaves behind will be about as appealing as the Mexico that Mexicans are running away from, and it’s all part of Obama’s “legacy”. Sounds a little racist to me.

Congress is now investigating what the Obama administration told them were the terms of the Iran nuke deal as opposed to the current claims of what the actual terms of the deal are. It’s no surprise that the originally negotiated terms are not what the Obama team are using to evaluate Iran’s adherence to the agreement.

Obama has stated that the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard is the morning call to prayer from a Mosque, so he is unable to deny these adherents to the religion of peace a nuclear weapon with which they can terrorize the civilized world. The liar in the Oval Office is once again asking us to believe another of his lies, one that places our entire nation at risk of a nuclear attack and invasion by Islamic hoards. How did this once great nation get reduced to third-world status and start believing the transparent lies of a fool president in just seven years?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It’s impossible to break what doesn’t exist…..This was a give away, NOT a treaty

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