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Eye In The Sky, A Must-See Movie

I just saw the new movie Eye In The Sky and thought it was very illuminating as regards our current techno-warfare and our current political correctness towards the religious zealots that are murdering thousands of people, and the liberal defense of any enemy America is threatened by.

The subject of the movie is concerned with ordering an American drone to identify and monitor the capture of high level Islamic murderers while the London-based British military officials coordinate the event in Kenya. The dilemma enters when a beautiful young Kenyan girl is seen selling bread on the outer wall of the intended house in which the terrorists are simultaneously seen strapping on suicide vests and arming with AK47s, at which point the capture mission becomes a kill mission which puts the young Kenyan girl at risk.

The movie demonstrates the PC world that will not allow otherwise smart people to act against evil to eliminate it, and demonstrates the left’s failure to take action which may sacrifice one innocent person to save seventy or more other innocent persons.

It shows the sluggishness of bureaucracies that can’t approve a needed action because of fear of the liberal press condemning them, and worrying about legal issues as they try to protect innocent by-standers from terrorist bombings, and their inability to make quick changes in a mission when the facts on the ground indicate a “capture” mission must change immediately to a “kill” mission.

It shows the hate and evil of people who don suicide vests and carry AK47s with the intent of killing at a nearby shopping mall, while their fellow country-men try to live decent, although impoverished lives, and raise their children in this horrible mix.

It shows the concern that the American and British soldiers and pilots have for the poor people of Africa and the Middle East who must live and die in the immoral filth of their world. The military is shown operating in a world of political make-believe while and real world of death and destruction keeps them from helping the very people who need their help the most.

At the end of the movie the cast demonstrates the care and concern for life and liberty of the modern western soldier, while the liberals accuse them of being evil and uncaring toward the poor and powerless. The movie elaborately describes the idiocy of modern warfare and Obama’s very restrictive rules of engagement, where instead of moving to kill and otherwise inhibit an enemy that swears to kill mass numbers of innocent people and proceeds to do exactly that, causes valuable time to be wasted determining collateral damage estimates to the innocent casualties nearby that may result from the attack.

The difficulty of the decent western powers who want to protect innocent lives at all cost is weighed against an ancient, murderous force that will kill anyone anywhere and rejoice in doing so, is well demonstrated in this movie.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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