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Enough Already With The “White Privilege” Nonsense In A Privileged Liberal, Democrat World

The idiot, white, superior-to-thou Democrat liberals are at it again with their “White Privilege” conference in Philadelphia, pandering and calling all white people, except themselves, of course, racists who are living a life of white privilege. Actually it’s the liberals who behave and tacitly assert their own superiority over blacks and whites alike, a fact that is obvious when one notices that white leftist liberals really do live better and more privileged lives than the average black or white citizen in America. And the reason for this disparity between white, leftist liberals like Hillary and Bernie, and the rest of society is not white privilege, but rather Liberal Privilege!!

Who else other than a white, Democrat liberal could have served as Secretary of State while getting four Americans killed in Benghazi; caused the embarrassment of the Russian reset; declared Syria’s Assad to be a reformer; declared an Arab Spring prior to allowing ISIS to become an international, wholesale murdering force; sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; used an illegal email system on an unsecured server that was reportedly hacked by every terrorist organization and unfriendly government in the world; caused the general diminution of the reputation of the United States with friend and foe alike the world over; and still be allowed by her party to run for president? Only a privileged white, Democrat liberal named Clinton could accomplish this.

And Bernie is not much better for wear when you consider his record: he was a homeless bum until he got into politics and finally entered the big-time of the Senate; he honeymooned in the garden spot of the Soviet Union, the country that has made it a tradition to conduct occasional pogroms against Jews, homosexuals and other undesirables; he proposes the overthrow of capitalism, which is the only known economic engine powerful enough to have raised the civilized world out of the poverty of the middle ages; proposes that all Americans be given free college, while being so irresponsible as to not inform the uneducated youth of America that, while his program relieves them of having to pay for only their own individual education, as they can under the current system of loans or cash, Bernie’s scheme will trap them into paying for the educations of all other American citizens, forever, thus trapping them into unending college payments via confiscatory taxes into the future, while at the same time dumbing-down college education even further than it is today, so all comers will be able to earn the soon-to-be worthless “free” diploma. This socialist fool is abusing the youth of America by promising them something that cannot come to fruition. And our Bernie is not being personally true to the socialist creed because he’s reportedly worth a half-million dollars, which is much more than socialists believe any person should be allowed to possess. After all, it’s just not fair that some people have more money than others.

And of course the term “social justice” has to be part of the Philadelphia conference’s official name, while ignoring that it has been mainly white, Democrat liberals who have trapped young black people into a continuing state of poverty by giving them just enough free stuff to keep them poor, unemployed, dependent on big-government handouts and voting Democrat, plus assuring, via the vehicle of the Department of Education, that their education is below par and doesn’t allow them to grow intellectually and succeed in the larger economy (recall that it was Barack Obama himself who killed the school choice plan in Washington, D.C., thus destroying many young black lives by trapping them into the public school system in our failing capitol city).

Of course, when you get a gaggle of liberals together for a conference they branch out and eventually attack everything but the real target: themselves. An article in EAGnews lists religion as also being a white privilege and limiting the religious selections in America to only Christianity, which would be shocking news to Jews, Muslims, Hindus and other religions who freely practice their faith by the millions. But liberals aren’t bothered with telling the truth about America; they are privileged to be able to lie about the greatest nation on earth yet still live here comfortably with their own form of rich, elitist privilege.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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