Romney Trashes His Former Voters

Mitt Romney, the loser in the 2012 election, who lost to the most radical, offensive, destructive, anti-American candidate America has ever had (Barack Obama), is now bad-mouthing one of the most winning presidential candidates the nation has seen (Donald Trump) and Mitt is seemingly asking for the coach to put him into the game against Trump for the presidential nomination for the 2016 general election.

I don’t think so.

Mitt has now resorted to poking fun at and ridiculing the unsophisticated, uninformed rabble who voted for him in 2012, the very people who now, in an uprising that is shocking the Republican establishment, oppose his getting back into the race.

Mitt is acting the part of the Republican establishment by opposing Trump, and very likely opposing Cruz as well, because these gentlemen represent the correctly outraged American population, male, female, black and white, who want the old time Republican establishment properly defeated and silenced in order to elect the candidate who is determined to put America back on the road to liberty and prosperity once more, and stop the PC crap that causes us to apologize for our nation’s wealth and power internationally; causes us to allow college campus demonstrations and big city riots that destroy property and risk lives at the domestic level, in the embarrassing effort to “understand their rage”; and opens our borders to any illegal alien who wants to pass into the country because they have it so bad at home.

We must stop this idiocy and begin to worry about how decent, law-abiding American citizens are living and try to resolve the issues that are bothering them and keeping them from reaching their full potential in this great nation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Watching Mitt’s political acumen is like watching a quarterback throwing the ball behind the receiver…

    Mitt’s a decent enough guy. However, his latest efforts in this compaign show very well how reactive, rather that proactive, politics are for losers, rather than winners or leaders.

    They come too late to the game to make any difference and was aimed at a target that has already pretty much moved on.

  2. Mitt should go home, stay home, go play in traffic. I HATE him. If Mitt and his morons manage to derail Trump – then the GOP deserves to DIE.

    Trump should get his wife, daughter, other women that know him to tell the liars to SHUT UP. Trump calls this or that woman a bad name, boo hoo hoo – he also calls MEN bad names, but that’s OK. Phooey. Politically correct garbage.

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