Obama’s Advice for A Failed Cuba: Blame America And Drop The Embargo. Obama’s Advice For A Failing America: Continue On Obama’s Same, Failed Path.

When Obama decided that we need to start bailing out Castro’s failed paradise in Cuba the situation became a classic case of “blame America first”.  He told us that the terrible fault with Cuba was not the Communism/Fascism practiced by the Castro brothers, but rather America’s meddling in Cuba’s business, and as a result America is destroying the futures of every Cuban citizen and we need to cease and desist immediately, restore diplomatic relations and start pumping some dollars Castro’s way.

Even though we have numerous Cuban refugees in America who say that making Fidel wealthy will not only not improve the condition of the Cuban citizens who have suffered greatly these last 60 years, but would only reward Castro for bad behavior and further separate him from the real, desperate lives of Cuba’s citizens. Obama didn’t address Castro’s jails, which are packed with people who spoke up or acted against Cuba’s totalitarian regime.  Nor did he tell us how the lives of those who object to complete control by big government would be improved by the restoration of relations between our two nations.

So now we have it on record that Obama believes that if one tries for several years to punish the Cuban leaders by enforcing an embargo against them, and if the dictatorship remains in power years later, Obama’s advice is to attempt change in a different way: remove the embargo and restore trade and travel between the two countries. Applying this principle to America, the Obama regime has experienced nothing but failure in all measurable ways resulting from his “fundamental transformation of America” via radical executive orders, overbearing regulations and his personal non-compliance with laws he doesn’t like. When I say he’s “seen nothing but failure in all measurable ways resulting from his “fundamental transformation of America”’ I mean things like his failed economy, a failed immigration policy, failed national security considerations, an increased unemployment index, more people on welfare, and more killings on the streets of Chicago and Baltimore, among other things. But Obama measures his success not in how well or badly Americans live and see their lives, but rather he gauges success on how much of an American’s life is controlled by the government, so he will allow no departure from his increasing control over the lives of American citizens and will not lighten the burden of big government on our lives and liberties. So much for his idea of rectifying a failed policy by trying something else.

For seven years Obama has steadily increased the influence of big government in everyone’s life from Obamacare to Obamaphone; to opening our southern borders to all illegal aliens; to encouraging people to go on welfare; to making minorities feel abused, resentful and downtrodden; to investigating police departments to make them appear to be acting criminally; to never defining an Islamic attack as being terrorism (rather calling the acts work place violence).  And even for those who would consider each of these things something they would hold against Obama as being bad for the nation and bad for every individual citizen, each one has been good for Obama because they have given him and his liberal/progressive party enormous power over three hundred million American lives, and that’s what a “fundamental transformation of America” is: taking freedom and prosperity from the citizens and transferring it to Obama’s supporters and establishment politicians in both parties.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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