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Obama Treats His Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs) Like A Pair Of BVDs

President Obama repeatedly and always states that when major events occur he didn’t know about them until he saw the news report on cable news. What Obama doesn’t understand is that it’s difficult to keep up with events from a golf cart. He has advisors all over his administration, at taxpayers’ great expense, to keep him informed so he can anticipate troubles both at home and abroad and try to reduce their impact on our nation and our economy. But the fool man will not pay attention because he doesn’t care. He prefers to appear cool, relaxed and uninvolved.

The day after Obama said he had been successful at “containing” ISIS, terrorists attacked and killed 130 people in Paris, and not long after that, terrorists attacked San Bernardino killing at least 15 people who were attending an innocent party.  Obama lacks skills at containing terrorists, and terrorism seems to thrive with him as commander in chief. While Obama pretended to bomb ISIS camps in Syria, ISIS flourished and spread into Iraq, from which the great military commander, Obama, had withdrawn our troops shortly prior. We also saw the introduction of Russia into the area under Obama’s watch, which makes everything more dangerous and more inflammatory. This giving of superior military position to our enemies is what Obama calls “winning”.

Obama has no idea of how dangerous Iran and North Korea are to America because he will not attend Presidential Daily Briefs, but instead prefers to “read” them. If he reads his PDBs like he follows the news on TV our nation is in serious, imminent trouble. One only hopes that no serious attacks occur on Obama’s watch these last few months of his disastrous administration or millions of Americans will suffer and die, and that’s the truth.

Obama needs to put on his big-boy BVDs and listen to his PDBs.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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